Hello, I'm Edward Pope and this is my website. If you click on Events (top left) you can check out my attempt to reconstruct a record of performances at the Catweazle Club in Oxford, which has taken place most weeks since 1994. The default dates cover the years since 2015 when I've tried to note it all down. You can change the dates to look earlier, when I mostly have notes only of my own acts. If you click on the blue "add comment", you can add a correction, an addition, or a link to videos, recordings, lyrics and chords. Where I've entered an act in italics this means I'm not sure I've got the right date for it yet.

Catweazle won't be the only event stream, so far there is one other, Local Direct Action.  If you click on Choose Streams on the Events page you can choose to display it on its own, or alongside Catweazle. (At present it will read better on its own). I haven't included strikes or industrial action, they probably need their own stream. "Local" means within 20 miles of Oxford which excludes Fairford, Newbury, Heathrow and other sites where many Oxford people have taken part in "direct action". Comments, additions and corrections are most welcome

You can also request an account, which would allow you to create your own event stream(s) either for publication (with my agreement) or for your private use. (For example I have my own, currently unpublished life diary which I can view alongside Catweazle). See also my sister website http://edpopehistory.co.uk/

A website of related interest which I have worked on is the wiki https://www.cowleyroad.org

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