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Thu 3 Sep 2015

MC ? on door? Add comment


Thu 10 Sep 2015

MC ? on door? Add comment

Ed Pope: Face the day/It's an honour

Thu 17 Sep 2015

MC ? on door ? Add comment

Ed Pope: Hot springs with Britta

Thu 24 Sep 2015

Matt Sage MC Add comment

James Scobie:
Amanda Aalto:
Jane English:
Reilly: Compound (water)
Matt Sage: I've named you the queen (Pablo Neruda)
Maddy Godfrey: ?/Adequate
Okina (i.e. Nick of Tandem & co): Googoo/Who will you call
Sam Taplin (with Chris Johnson): Dr Taplin & Mr Hyde/Mrs Henderson's tiger
Will Mason: Old man's game
Olga Gdula: Probabilistic girl
Raymond Burke: Train song
Rob: Woodsmoke
Sam Twigg Johnson: No love songs tonight
Matt Chanarin: Father of mine/Murmuration of starlings

Sat 26 Sep 2015

Catweazle magazine event at Wolvercote Village Hall Add comment

Ed Pope: Centipede song

Thu 1 Oct 2015

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Will Mason: Loving maid/Winter's gone
Laura Theis: Bar room to grave (Billie Holliday)
Paul Askew: Terrible policeman
Moogieman: Polly polaroid/Pinhole
Maddy Godfrey: Fire sister/Best friend
Jim Driscoll: Seventeen/Justice for the poor (both Alfred Williams)
Nick Lovell: Market garden/The jinx effect
Ashley: The certain man & the seer
Matt Sage & Joshua Rigel: Lovers' lane/Golden switch
Raymond Burke: Hard day's life
Holly: Lately I've been missing you/Chelsea hotel (Leonard Cohen)
Mike: Eton mess/App & tickle
Nick: No use to fight the storm
Patti Dale: Fag ash Lil
Ben Champion: Autocorrect
Claire Ewbank: H2O/from Inroads (Carolyn Jess-Cooke)
Clive (from Swindon): Black & blue/Internet dating
Chris: Water into wine/Lose myself in you

Thu 8 Oct 2015

MC ? door ? Add comment

Nick: Sort of love song/It's not there
Pete Salmond: Dreamy guitar tune
Amanda Aalto: Run away with the circus/Gypsy caravan
Steve Larkin: Purchasing of curtains/Why do I live here?
Richard Gipps: Psalm 23
Matt Sage: My baby daughter/Outlaws
Raymond Burke: I'm only human/Psalm 22
Mandy Woods: Footprint on the heart/That kiss
Luke Keegan: Tender shadows/Little dreamer
Henry Blyth: piano extemporisation
Alan Buckley: Rachel in Attercliffe (Helen Mort)/Gravity/Westering home (Bernard O'Donoghue)
Will Mason (piano song): Just you wait
James Gallagher: Before you go
Hannah: piano extemporisation
Ben Champion: Bags for life

Thu 15 Oct 2015

MC ? door ? Add comment

John & Christine (Jesters): Gilderoy
Naomi: Distance makes no difference/Whenever wherever (Shakira)
James: Great depression/Nothing is worthy of love
Memento: Song singing to itself
Johnny: Sun & caffeine/Help! welcome back
Kings Harp: Marley medley
Pete Salmond: quiet guitar tune
Chris Johnson: Sisyphus
James Schumann: flute imperfectionist
Matt Sage: Don't let the world go by
Maddy Godfrey: Trinity/Royal blue orgasm
Marta's birthday film
Max Brown: Don't let me let you down
Amanda Aalto: A new religion
Lucia: I am the glow
Nick: Can't get you out of my mind
Pam: It ain't necessarily so
Oxford Beatles: You can't do that/Another girl/You're gonna lose that girl/Ob-lah-dee

Thu 22 Oct 2015

Matt sage MC Catweazle's 21st birthday Add comment

Matt Sage: Into the Mystic (Van Morrison)
Matt Chanarin: Shack at the bottom of the garden
James Scobie: Edge of the platform
Shaun Stuart: Chicago rant
Rosie Caldecott: (& Chris Johnson on guitar)The vision/(Rosie on piano) Granny's garden
Pete Salmond, Will Mason & Henry Blyth: Incredible people
Tom: You remind me of the high street
Bill Frizzell (& Ed): Twenty-one
Andrew Freidin: flute impro
Phoebe Nicholson: Still life
Luke Keegan: A lonely valentine
Tacudswah: Lemonhead (instrumental)
Sam Taplin: The ludicrous things you used to say/Dr Taplin & Mr Hyde
Patti Dale & Sam Twigg Johnson: The one I love is gone
Trevor Williams: Keep singing
Claire: Hold still in your turning the night is long a candle burning/Gloucester Green bus station/Laura's story of a house
James Schumann & Matt Chanarin: El sabor candela
Maddy Godfrey: Mum/Coffee
Nick: Drowning, losing you wasn't enough
Jim Driscoll: When we are homeward bound (Alfred Williams)
Chris Lloyd: Peace no more take this stone
Ed Pope: To live at all is miracle enough (Mervyn Peake)

Thu 29 Oct 2015

Sam Taplin MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Maddy Godfrey: I will love you like/Thighs
Robert Wilson (new): Inside
Rich (new): Raise your voice boy
Henry Blyth: piano impro
Arthur (new): Stones taught me to fly
Phoebe Nicholson: War stories
Pete Joshua: Simon's cabin/Jesse James
Kaitlin (new): Hillwalking poem
Will Hazel: The hard times of old England
Patti Dale: Bottom line/Sadie's singing low
Alex Lezana: The women go by
Moogieman: Summer of '09
Daisy Johnson: Fucking your novel
Amanda (piano song): 120 hours
Pete Salmond: (poem then guitar) Dead woman
Trevor Williams: We will wake
Laura Theis: Emerald's his favourite colour/Sunshine werewolf
Will: Freedom on your mind
Paul Askew: Karaoke
Lex (of Memento): Painted words
James: Stuck on the roof again
Animal Locomotion: Santa memoria/Ay corazon/Anilone (?)