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Thu 9 Mar 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Matt Sage: I've named you the queen (Pablo Neruda)
Mandy Woods: Safe in grandma's arms/Before you (used to be I didn't have a clue)
Harry: (guitar song with Eleanor) Slow down (no-one's mistake)/(guitar song) "makes you feel alive"
Harry (guitar songs): Monkeys in my head/Meditation
Hazy Jane (3 guys from Hackney, 2 guitars & voice, cahon) Mother's Lie (want to start fires whenever I cry)/Patient's knees
Richard Neuberg: A History (brexit song)/(love on this mountain where) Crow needs the pine
Raga Woods: Cunt ceremony (sheela-na-gig)
Afshin (guitar): Persian scale impro (with audience)/song from Shiraz
May: (piano songs) Falling in love with a city/It's hard for me to let a boy right into my heart
Sambolic Fraudsters (Bill Frizzell & 2 Petes on ukeleles): Hypnotist murder
Dominic: (sax & piano) The nearness of you (Hoagy Cazrmichael)/his own new tune
Jim Driscoll: The springtime of the year (to Jim's tune)/I will fight to come to England
Doug Levitt: Greyhound border stories/Highway signs (100,000 miles)
Patti Dale: Angel from Montgomery (Joohn Prine)
Owl Light Trio (Jim Penny concertina, Jane Griffith viola, Colin Fletcher guitar): Lucy Farr/Pagan Display Car Park

Thu 16 Mar 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door New magazine Add comment

Andreusz (guitar) & Carlo (guitar, song): Spanish Boots (Bob Dylan)
Mike Harris (guitar song): Mongolian horsewoman
Nick (poems): The calmer we become the more clearly we see how terrible we are ("buried like dogshit in heavy snow")/Clairvoyant dreaming
Stephen Durkan (poems): May I take/Stalin inGlasgow/Office party chat/Warning: pseudo-socialist sexual content
Marina (poem): Body smop (?)
Jim Driscoll (guitar song): Peace of mind/The swallow (my false love has fled from me)
Matt Sage (guitar song): Laudanum girl
Patti Dale (song) & Nigel Brown (guitar): I want to come home (Leslie Arden)
Ian (poems): Outlaw/Sister/Shimmer ("I'm worth exactly what you believe I am")
Sam Twigg Johnson (cuatro song): Bonny boy is young/Kiss me as if freedom was just a glimmer in your tender mamma's eye
Dominic (sax & piano) & Andrew Freidin (flute): Don't blame me
Bill Frizzell (electric ukelele song): Strawberry fields (Beatles)
Moogieman (guitar song): Grunwick strike
Naomi (guitar song): Not an earthquake but an apocalypse
Pierre (poems): In my grandmother's kitchen/Achilles & Patroclus
Nick (piano tune): The whole truth (Carlos Cipa)
Alan Buckley (poems): Filling station (Elizabeth Bishop)/Little machine
Phoebe Nicholson (poems): Housemate/Milk thistle
Owl Light Trio (Jim concertina, Jane viola, Colin guitar): (Welsh?) tune/Two sorcerers


Thu 23 Mar 2017

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Laura (piano song) & James (song):Sound of silence (Paul Simon)
Mick (guitar song): Holding too tight to you (Mick played Catweazle 20 years ago)
Nick (poems): My love is like a Bob Ross painting/Snow as a maetaphor for my love
Heff (from Belfast) (guitar song): Release me (purgatory)
Jenny (poem): Your eyes don't sleep (lucid dreaming)
Ed Pope (balalaika song): Rainmaker
Tyosi (song): Babylon (SZA) "crucify me"
Valentine: (guitar tune)/Ventre et coeur (poem in French then English)
Paul Jackson (guitar songs): You showed me love/Dreamer
The Shambolic Fraudsters (Bill Frizzell, Peter, Pet & Pete ukelele song): Roll over Beethoven & medley (Chuck Berry)
Patti Dale (song): Do nothing till you hear from me (Duke Ellington)
ET (poem/rant): Binder
Matt Sage: I trained a spy/King of everything
Marie (poem): You don't know
Naomi (guitar song): The heart is not a place "is time still a thing?"
Simon (poems): Coat tales/Just a poet
Kate Raworth (song): Baby you know I'm not the one
Dominic (piano & sax): Let there be love (Ian Grant/Lionel Rand)

Thu 30 Mar 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Ben Champion: Haircut/Hand towel/Suing myself/Dickheads the musical
Richard Gipps: Wytham woods (Rip Bulkeley)
Bill Frizzell: Remainia
Alex Lezana: Seven letters/Colour of music
Phoebe Nicholson: Venus flower basket
Kyle: Free conversations
James (accordion): klezmer tune/Butterfly (Shuban Byranovich)
Dominic (piano & sax): Feed the birds (from Mary Poppins)
Rip Bulkeley: Concert/Take the tour
Matt Sage: California
Valentin: Sunset swimming in Adriatic (French then English)
ET: Bad dreams/Wellness
Simon: The curse of pretty words/Seeds of sedition
Cat & Robin (of Catgod): At home in your heart/(give me something for my) Blood/(not go) Out on the town/I'll always be near

Sat 1 Apr 2017

Making A Scene Add comment

At Oxford Deaf & Hard of Hearing Centre 7.30pm start

Rosie Caldecott
Tim Goldman
Richard Neuberg
Count Drachma
Art Theefe
Alan Buckley
Megan Henwood

Thu 6 Apr 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Matt Sage: (guitar songs) Still the machine/It's a cold dark night
John (rapper): Untitled (racism)/Men hate women/Let me tell you where I grew up/Only love could be the origin
May (guitar songs): She cried (come back to me)/Stay near me
Jeff Simpson (was at Weazle 2008-1010): (guitar songs) Read my heart/song about Richard Dawkins
Sam & Muja: (act) Chuang-tse and the butterfly
Ashley: (song) Berlin blues (Alice Phoebe Lou)
Stephen Durkan: (guitar song) Good intentions
Johanna Glaza (piano songs): We can all choose/Sculptures/Coming home
Jim Driscoll (guitar songs): The January man (Dave Goulder)/Dear god don't let philosophers be kings
Nick: (poems) Santa Fe has a strange sense of fun/Homesick I built a yurt
Phoebe Nicholson: (poem) Postcard from a stranger
Henry Blyth: piano impro
Dominic: Skylark (piano & sax)
Alan Buckley: (poems) Advice (Helen Mort)/Sublimations
Paul Jackson: (sitar songs) Light onto the darkness/Know who you are

Thu 13 Apr 2017

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Bill Frizzell: (spoken) his daughter Nell Frizzell's return to Oxford part one
Bow by Bow (Alex cello & ? fiddle): swing tune/Take five (Dave Brubeck)
Simon Davies: (guitar songs) Calypso faire l'amour/Don't like working for the man
Nick: (poems) My bed smells of you/I'm told I lack focus/My brother found salvation online/I Ching after we fucked
Rachel Power: (announced) www.radleysongcontest (Radley Lakes/George Michael)
Camille (song) & Anna (piano): Halleleujah let me in
Phoebe Nicholson: (poem) Ecdysis
Matt Sage: (guitar song) Don't let the world go by
Valentin: (poem French & English) Silent scream
Ben Champion: Bags for life/Password
Alex & Jess: (guitar & fiddle songs) Time's gone bad/Hold on to memories - I still believe
Mike: (poems) Pickinpocket/Hot air
Matt Sage: Laudanum girl
Steve Larkin: The Midas touch in reverse/Wash more
Dominic (piano & sax): Someone to watch over me (Gershwins)/Under my skin (Cole Porter)

Thu 20 Apr 2017

Sam Taplin MC Catherine on door Add comment

Sam Taplin read quotes from David Foster Wallace throughout

James Bell & Hannah Bond: (guitar & voice) Mr Brightside (Killers)
Laura Theis: (piano song) Spider in the music room
Rob Sykes: (poem) At Concarneau
Neil Brown: (guitar song) Major Tom (David Bowie)
Dominic: (piano & sax) Somewhere over the rainbow (Arlen & Harburg)
Felicia: (poem) Construction zone
Henry Blyth: piano impro
Valentin: (poem) Iceberg (English/French each line)
Moogieman: (guitar song) Pomegranate
Rip Bulkeley: (poems) 4 haiku
Matt Bradshaw: (guitar song) Mirror of nothing
Raymond Burke: (guitar song) I'm waiting just a little bit longer
Matt Winkworth: (piano songs) Alice (Tom Waits)/Jabberwocky (Lewis Carroll)
Bow by Bow (Alex cello & ? fiddle): tune
Josephine: (guitar song) Heavenly father (Bon Iver)
K1A: (guitar song) Postcards?
Ashley: (spoken) The pain was his now
Eleanor: (poem) for her (cold) housemate
Trevor Williams: (guitar song) The startline
Steve Larkin: (spoken/sung) Kitten
Julian (of Chasing Daylight): (guitar song) Don't feel sorry for me (I can feel sorry for myself)
Bill Frizzell: (spoken) part two of his daughter Nell Frizzell's Oxford memories
Ed Pope: (spoken/sung) part one of LMS occupation saga

Thu 27 Apr 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Ben Champion (piano songs): A little bit OCD/Making a human
Francesca (piano song): ?Charley
Richard (poems): An ode to Matt Sage/Homeless Kings Cross/Mitch Winings/Kurt Cochrane
Rosie Caldecott (guitar songs): Greenhouses/The storm out there
Tom (poem): Rice cake
Sian (guitar songs): Kaleidoscope eyes (Winchester Cathedral)/Johnny (I got fired)
Raga: Sheela-na-gig
Dominic (sax & piano): some ballad standard
Jim Driscoll (guitar) & Chris Ball (guitar songs): Earthly play/Jasmin quarter/Take this stone
Jim Greenham (accordion song): I am your little gypsy girl (in Russian)
Moogieman: Ice cream van
Stephen Durkan (poems): Glaswegian zen/Foyer death/Getting mad with it
Nicole (poem): Rain
Henry Blyth: piano impro
Laura Theis (piano song): Badass snow white
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): The crucible (Marines)
Ed Pope: Sheela-na-gig & Jesus the pussycat

Thu 4 May 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Simon Davies (guitar songs): Make tomorrow better than today/Raise the bubbly
Valentin (story): Dreamcatcher girl on station
Robyn (poem): The boy I shouldn't fancy
Frances (piano song): I will follow you into the dark (Death Cab For Cutie)
Stephen Durkan (poem): 3am in a bar in Soho
Eddie (piano song): Chain gang (Sam Cooke)
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Will you still stay with me tonight?/Lilia
May Hw(guitar songs): Take back the pieces/I need you
Patti Dale: (poem) A tidal wave/(song) Lost dog (Sarah Jarosz)
Matt (guitar song): Girl from the north country (Bob Dylan)
Shannon & Joe (guitar songs): Two small deaths (Wye Oak)/The fire (Lucy Rose)
Simon (poems): All inclusive/Drug abuse/Armed police for breakfast
Jim Driscoll (guitar songs): Caroline/Bottle of booze