CATWEAZLE Thu 16 Mar 2017

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door New magazine

Andreusz (guitar) & Carlo (guitar, song): Spanish Boots (Bob Dylan)
Mike Harris (guitar song): Mongolian horsewoman
Nick (poems): The calmer we become the more clearly we see how terrible we are ("buried like dogshit in heavy snow")/Clairvoyant dreaming
Stephen Durkan (poems): May I take/Stalin inGlasgow/Office party chat/Warning: pseudo-socialist sexual content
Marina (poem): Body smop (?)
Jim Driscoll (guitar song): Peace of mind/The swallow (my false love has fled from me)
Matt Sage (guitar song): Laudanum girl
Patti Dale (song) & Nigel Brown (guitar): I want to come home (Leslie Arden)
Ian (poems): Outlaw/Sister/Shimmer ("I'm worth exactly what you believe I am")
Sam Twigg Johnson (cuatro song): Bonny boy is young/Kiss me as if freedom was just a glimmer in your tender mamma's eye
Dominic (sax & piano) & Andrew Freidin (flute): Don't blame me
Bill Frizzell (electric ukelele song): Strawberry fields (Beatles)
Moogieman (guitar song): Grunwick strike
Naomi (guitar song): Not an earthquake but an apocalypse
Pierre (poems): In my grandmother's kitchen/Achilles & Patroclus
Nick (piano tune): The whole truth (Carlos Cipa)
Alan Buckley (poems): Filling station (Elizabeth Bishop)/Little machine
Phoebe Nicholson (poems): Housemate/Milk thistle
Owl Light Trio (Jim concertina, Jane viola, Colin guitar): (Welsh?) tune/Two sorcerers


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