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Thu 20 Sep 2018

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell & Susie on door Add comment

Matt Sage (guitar songs): Begin again/Laudanum girl
Tibor (guitar) & Noah (piano): The entertainer (Scott Joplin)/Hit the road Jack (Percy Mayfield)
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Sanctuary/Song sung blue (Neil Diamond)
Lida (poems): Lion before I was born/Man with hat
Arthur (poems): Addict/I-lympics/A not so nimble nimbus arrives
Simon Davies (guitar songs): Sombre bossanova/Community
Abby (story): Timehenge
Bill Frizzell (story) & Pete (guitar): The gift (Lou Reed)
Yasser (?) (poems): Amour 1,5, 9 (Christos Dakos?)
Rebecca (poems): Vinyl/Mummy/Ach/Sure and certain
Dan (ukelele songs): Not at this address/Cheese scones
Patti Dale (song):West Virginia mine disaster (Jean Ritchie)
Christopher (poem): No prizes for being an arse
Ed Pope (balalaika song): The silence is a rushing stream

Thu 27 Sep 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Go away without a word/Please make my dreams come true
Rosie Caldecott (guitar songs): The lost gardens/Let's unwind
Paul Lodge (guitar song): Irish visionary
Emily (poem): Pluto's wife in transit
Duncan (guitar songs) & Miranda (songs): Wounded in all the right places (written with Jamie Catto & K D Lang)/For my culture (written with Maxi Jazz & Robbie Williams)
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Darkness to my door/Don't let the world go by
Rafiqi (David, Annelise, Jordy) (3 jambays, bell & shaker)
Hugo (guitar songs) & Ricky (guitar & harmonica songs): Only you/The old time
Freya (song): Boozing husband (trad)
Chris Woods (poems): New pants/Drinking cider in the park with Johnny Cash/Pants virtually on fire
Patti Dale: (poem) Courage/(song) Moth (Ann Lister)
Veronica (from Moldova): La mults an Ira (Happy birthday Ira)
Chris Floyd (guitar songs): Tennessee river/Private madness
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): Naturewalk
Finisterre (Johnny, Gail, Dave) (3 guitars, songs): Mexico (The Staves)/Salt upon my broken skin/Dans ma rue (Jacques Datin)/History boys (with Jenny Scully)

Thu 4 Oct 2018

Faceometer MC Justine on door Add comment

Chris (guitar songs): Dead flowers (Jagger/Richards)/I want you back (The Corporation)
Wild Phoenix (guitar songs with Sam on bongos): Take me away/Better day
Francesca (piano songs): Postgrad blues/My days of loving you are through
Keira (poem): No mans neverland
Bill Frizzell: (poem) Seacow (Bill, Amber & Ruby)/White rabbit (Grace Slick)
Faceometer (poem): Good bones (Maggie Smith)
Rebecca (poems): A cacophony of coffee/Kaleidoscope/Instrument of your peace (Francis of Assissi)
Brock (guitar songs) with Vixen (songs): Lady Franklin's Lament (trad)/Forever a boy
Lorna (guitar songs): In a circle with you/When you were mine (Prince)
Laura Theis (poem): The clockmaker's daughter
Micky (guitar songs) with Helen (songs): Someone else/Butterfly on a wheel
Ed Pope: (balalaika song) Reel in the flickering light (Colm Gallagher) with Faceometer & Laura dancing/(song) Needlehole
Prince Jacob (poems): Poetically sick/In my head there's a poem ringing
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): Harvest
Faceometer (poem): The mad gardener's song (Lewis Carroll)
Ben (poems): Around the world in 80 buffets/E Coli/Optimist & Pessimist/Algebra/Drinking problems
Colin has his head shaved by Lisa as we collected £100 towards defibrillator
Deans (piano): Distractions

Thu 11 Oct 2018

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell & Susie on door Add comment

Laura Theis: (piano song) Masochistic time machine/(Q chord song) Buried in the back
Rebecca (poems): Autumn haikus/Kaleidoscope/The men are weeping in the gym (Andrew Macmillan)
Lesley (guitar): Tomorrow tomorrow (Elliot Smith)
Lee (songs) & Liam (piano songs): One small step/Give and take
Emily (poems): Homebound/California saccharin
George (guitar song): Money money money
Lizzie (guitar song): Kyrie eleison
Alleycat (guitar songs): Six feet off the ground/Peace and someone to hold her/I wanna go
Jacob (poems): Knowledge of a rastaman/Black invention INTERVAL
Deans (piano): cuban style/(with Lesley poem) who said Africa was dirty?
Jack (harmonica song): Motherless children
Christopher (poem): Bridge the gaps
Bill Frizzell (ukelele song): Too much of you
Ed Pope (song): Needlehole
Art Theefe (Matt Sage guitar songs, Josh bass guitar, Joel drums): I named you the queen (Pablo Neruda)/Darkness to my door/Let her go/Laudanum girl/Don't let the world go by/Go in peace

Thu 18 Oct 2018

Sam Taplin MC Justine on door Add comment

Patti Dale (songs): Well well well (Bob Dylan)/Louise (Paul Seibel)
Andy (guitar songs): No fires any more/no words
Stephen Durkan (poems): I missed/Acid burns (Mike Cullen)
Mikey (guitar song) with Andy on piano: The one for me
Emily (poems): Teachers - a wish list/Someone in some future time will think of us (Sappho)
Paul Lodge (guitar songs): Crooked be my discontent/When the briars have thorns
Laura Theis: (story) Shard block/(piano song) I love my jailer
Mandy Woods (guitar songs): These days/Badly tanned Buddha
Jack: (song) Molly/(harmonica song) You got me running
Band of Hope with Ben on fiddle and mandolin: Miss your ghost/Your voice keeps calling me home
Raising Feet (Mike guitar songs Alan songs): Tarot/LemonadeOwen Collins (poems): Peter Norman/2 haikus for Piers Morgan
Alex Lezana (guitar song): Rattle
Marouf (guitar songs): Charlie & the dragons/Avalon
Rebecca (story): Salt and pepper
Chris (poems): Untangle it/Rave
George (guitar song with Ben on fiddle): I wish I was a fisherman
Steve Larkin: (poem) Really contrived poem/(mandolin song) Clown

Thu 25 Oct 2018

Matt Sage NC Bill Frizzell on door 24th birthday Add comment

Ed Pope (poem): To live at all (Mervyn Peake)
Dom Faber (piano) & Patti Dale (song): Autumn leaves (Jacques Prévert/Joseph Kosma)
Alex (guitar songs): Are we alone?/Just around the bend
Gigi (guitar song): I say a little prayer (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)
Carl Tomlinson (poems): I was a wartime censor (Christopher Deweese)/Inklings
Moogieman (story): KadiskaMuStella club
Brock (guitar song) & Vixen (song): Forever a boy
Clare Lemaster: (poem) Don't ever change/(guitar song) Done
Aroa: Wherefore art thou Romeo? (William Shakespeare)
Roddy Harris (guitar songs): (Julia singing)Ain't nobody's business (Porter Grainger et al)/Hillside moon/The sick white swan
Dom Faber (piano song): Till there was you (Meredith Willson)
Jack: harmonica blues impro
Emma (guitar song): Maybe someday i'll be fine
Owen Collins (poem): for Catweazle
Will Mason (guitar songs) with Pete Salmond (guitar): On the chin/Moving on
ET: non-binary marriage
Ivar (guitar song): Chariot
Ben (poems): Displacement (Diane Preston)/Illumination
Bill Frizzell: 24 years of Catweazle
Emily (poems); Touch the door/A travelogue
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Go in peace/(with Clare Lemaster singing) Who knows where the time goes?(Sandy Denny)


Thu 1 Nov 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Matt Sage (guitar songs): Memories of friends/She is leaving
Andy & Patrick (2 guitars song): Plotting your escape
Emily (prose): A meeting between the worlds
Brock & Vixen (guitars song): So blue the moon
Raph (poems re-read by Gilly):Firesong/Storms
Wayland (story): The black dog of Peel Castle
Moogieman (guitar & synth song): Ghost driver
Deans (piano): The snow adventure
Steve Larkin: (song) Kitten/(mandolin song) Delilah (Les Reed & Barry Mason)
Ben (poems by his mum): Seismic fault/Dragonfly
Gypsy Fingers (piano, guitar, french horn songs with animal heads): The waves/The island
Stilly (poem, projector): The twisted stick
Annabel (guitar song): Down to the sea
Abby (story): The new knights of the round table
Bill Frizzell (poems by Maoris): Walk the black path/The manner is to be deplored/Where are your bones?
Owen Collins (poems): Camley? Point (Tim Merchant)/To my father and to sleep
Carol (song) & Roma (piano): Amour, chanson?
Rose (poem): Weeping
Alan Buckley (poems): The voice (Thomas Hardy)/The morphine driver

Thu 8 Nov 2018

Sam Taplin MC Justine on door Add comment

Josh Hall (guitar songs): Moira Stewart's face/I'd make love to you but you're hoovering
Laura Theis (song): Sink back into the ocean
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): If I ever got back to someone/I don't feel quite so lonesome
Vega Shaper (poem): Not here to be examined
Tom Blackburn (guitar song): The thing that I'll remember/(guitar with Nat singing) What is he to you?
Patti Dale (songs): Nothing (Towns van Zandt)/St James Infirmary blues (trad)
Aurora (poems): Monsters in my pillow/Banbury Road (in Spanish)
Paul Lodge (guitar songs): And that's true too (King Lear)/Mad rattled world
Rob Sykes (poem): Wish (Scholar Gipsy)
Sam Taplin (piano song): Hit me baby one more time (Max Martin)
Dom Faber (piano) & Sam Twigg Johnson (song): November
Steve Larkin: (poem/song) Fat sex/(mandolin song) I started a joke (Bee Gees)
Emily (prose): The life of a loom
Jack: (song) The man of Adderbury/harmonica impro (fast)
Owen Collins (poem): K1
Francesca (guitar songs): Let down by the times/I've got a love that's like the snow in the valley
Trevor Williams (piano songs): Robin Hood panto medley
Rebecca (poems): Communion/Insh'allah
Ash (guitar songs): My sis/Sleep under my cape of night
Rosie Caldecott (guitar songs): (with Claire on ...

Thu 15 Nov 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Third cup of cocoa/One more disturbance Rosie & Emily (guitar songs): The city/Swimming pool Dan from Perth WA (guitar songs): Leaving this town/I have to accept that Emily (prose): The loom part two Matt Tomkins: magical fraud experiment Matt Sage (guitar songs): I've named you the queen/Don't let the world go by Steve Larkin: (poem) Butterfly/(mandolin song) Can we be friends? INTERVAL Deans (piano) & Rose (poem) Raph (poem also read by Gilly): When I'm a bird Jack: (song) Jim Jones of Botany Bay/(harmonica) blues Jordan (guitar songs): That's how we do it in the west/Keep the light alight Matt (piano song): Man no more Patti Dale (song): Fag ash Lil Owen Collins (poems): Queueing/Afterwards Matt Sage (guitar song): Forgive them Jim (piano songs): All quiet on the western front (Elton John & Bernie Taupin)/When the eagle flies (Steve Winwood)

Thu 22 Nov 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Matt Sage (guitar songs): Darkness to my door/Song for Sam
Trevor Williams (piano songs): We don't believe it's impossible/Dragon
Leah (poem): If (Rudyard Kipling)
Emily (song): Shine on harvest moon
Alan Buckley (poems): Crossing the border/Sitting on the pavement outside the Camden Falcon
Simon Davies (guitar songs): Safe beneath the sun/Make it so
Raph (poem also read by Gilly): Poem for mum
Alex (guitar songs): The bonny shoals of herring (trad)/Back home
Deans (piano) & his brother Ray (Poems): Raise me skills/Kick one
Chris Woods (poems): The bowmen of England/Remembrance day
Emma (guitar songs): Time to let it go/A reason to believe
Lizzie (poem): Leonard's medicine for the mind
Moogieman (guitar song): Mr Curator
Owen Collins (poems): Equinox/Bridge restaurant
Patti Dale: (poem) Peace poem/(song) I've got it bad (Duke Ellington)
Paul Jackson (guitar songs): Real eyes realise real lies/Put your blame on you/Time