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Thu 29 Nov 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Paul Lodge (guitar songs): Summer me all night/Woo
Hafiz (guitar song): Each day of my life will be true
Martina (guitar song): Don't kill my vibe (Sigrid)
Rafiqi (djembays): drumming from Senegal/another
Emily (poems): Invasive measures/Baby's first handstand
Matt Sage: (guitar song) Afterglow/(poems) Anchor riddle & 2 up 2 down (Sam Willetts)
Daniel (piano song): Nothing here
Silent Meeting (guitar song): This isn't England
Jim (guitar) Josie (cello) Josie (songs): Karufu Skodra/Spring is coming
Stilly (poem with slides): The chintz biopsy
Jack (harmonica song): Stormy Monday
Steve Larkin: (poem) Quentin the quantum monogamist (Tyler ?Mali)/(mandolin song) Addicted
Raga: celebrating the cunt
Patti Dale: (poem) Critical mass/(song) West Virginia mine disaster (Jean Ritchie)
Ollie (poem): This is a no feelings situation
Dan Ofer: piano piece

Thu 6 Dec 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Simon Davies (guitar songs): No way José/Cupid's got a gun
Nicky (poem): Inner child
Hafiz (guitar song): Leo Tolstoy wrote War and Peace
Missy (guitar song): Hated for being who you are (Scapegoat)
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Laudanum girl/The right thing
Frank (poems): Moving on/Growing up/Homeless man
James Walkelin (guitar songs): Weathered/Glad you never loved me too
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): November love/Don't worry you know I'll survive
Joe (poems): Swingset/Reef
Graham (poems): Sliding windows/The crow road
James (guitar songs): Take me to your river/Ride on (Jimmy MacCarthy)
Tim (poem): by Alexander Pushkin, in Russian and English
Steve Larkin (poem) Wash more
Emily (poems): Tantricked/Piecemeal
Ollie (poem): So I had this meal that was 21 courses

Thu 13 Dec 2018

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Joe of Jay Sunaway (guitar songs): Sparrow father neutron star/Half light (Limpet Spacerace)
Paul Lodge (guitar songs): No nothing (Henry IV)
Patti Dale (song): One of those days (Eilen Jewell)
Chris Woods (poem): There's a time and a place for everything/Dealing responsibly with beggars
James Bell (guitar songs): I wanna sing that rock 'n roll (Gillian Welch/David Rawlings)/Make it go away (Holly Cole)
Rosie Caldecott (guitar song): Constancy
Owen Collins (poems): The postmen at Christmas/The 13th day of Christmas
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Go in peace/Darkness to my door
Katy (guitar songs): for her mum/another song
Connor: piano impro
Alex Lezana: (guitar song) Seven letters/(piano song) The house of lullabies
Bill Frizzell & Pete (ukelele song): Never fall in love (Buzzcocks)
Stephen Durkan (guitar song): In the bleak midwinter (Christina Rossetti/Gustav Holst/Bert Jansch)
Tim (guitar): The goddam monkey war
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Wind chill factor (Boomtown rats)/Salt

Thu 20 Dec 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Moogieman (guitar & harmonica song): Saint John
James Bell (guitar song) & Patti Dale (song): Make it go away (Holly Cole)
Alana (piano songs): Sinner man (trad)/Lilac wine (James Shelton)
N T Music (Noah piano & Tomas guitar): Rudolf the red nosed reindeer (Johnny Marks)/Feelin' good
Ukesnaile (ukelele songs): When I'm smearing windows (apologies George Formby)
Chris Floyd (guitar songs): Momma kissing Santa Claus/Sweet is the fate
Owen Collins (poems): It'll all be over by Christmas/The day the ham came home
Sam Twigg Johnson (song): Take me into your company
Bill Frizzell & Moogieman (act): Collins Nutshell Tape Recording & Hifi
Tom Baxter (guitar songs): It's better/Really living
Jack (harmonica) & Emily (poem): Visitor of velvet paws
Jack (guitar song): Midnight
Rebecca (poems): Sunbathing/Toboggan/Spiralling (e.e.cummings)
Lizzie (poem): A joy (origami sphere)
Matt Sage (guitar songs) & Rosie Caldecott (songs): Go in peace/The lost gardens
Alan Buckley (poems): Now through England's realm (from Sir Gawain & the Green Knight)/Solstice sex/ Eyeore seasonal greeting (Helena Nelson)
Stilly (slide show); The absent turkey/Randolph the red nosed penguin
Ed Pope (balalaika song): Gay weddings

Thu 3 Jan 2019

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell & Susie on door Add comment

Matt Sage (guitar songs): When you walk into the room/Give it all away
Will (poems): TransSiberian/HongKong/The great war never ends
Simon Davies (guitar songs): Champagne in your soul/The music the laughter and you
Lizzie (guitar songs): Wise in the ways/Naturaleza
Vincent Lynch: stand-up
Joe (guitar songs): Rules of engagement/Hello suburbia (Lana Condor)
Ange Takats (guitar songs): Woodstock (Joni Mitchell)/Knit for love/You can call me Al (Paul Simon)
Jack (harmonica): Slow jazzy blues impro
Matt Sage (guitar song): Get me out of here
Bill Frizzell (poem): Enosculation on the train
Patti Dale: (poem) Standing in the vanguard/(song) Do nothing till you hear from me (Duke Ellington)
Missy (song): ? (Cooper?)
Wayne (poems): For a visionary dream/He knew her/To a sausage
Anna (poem) Blood diamond
Ed Pope: (poem) Champagne urine/(guitar song) Worm's funeral

Thu 10 Jan 2019

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Lilia/Sweet provider Mandy: (song) Weeping willow/(poem) Connor (piano) & Caspar (songs): Icons/Smoke steam & rain Chris Woods (poems): 2 xmas poems/Playground/Haircut Mark James (poem): Mystery man James Bell (guitar) & Hannah Bond (songs): Red Molly (Richard Thompson)/The bedspread is hanging (Faceometer) Trevor Williams (piano songs): Come home/Greedy pigs INTERVAL Katy (guitar songs): Easy for me/I know who you are Graham (poem): Solstice Patti Dale: (poem) Transformation/(song) The moth (Ann Lister) Matt Sage (guitar song): Darkness to my door Emily (poems): Imperial girl/The wave in my throat Ed Pope: (guitar song) When I was young & foolish/(poem) Brazil? (Emily Dickinson) Phoebe Nicholson (poem): Birds nest soup James Bell (guitar songs): Natureboy (eden ahbez)/Eclipse song

Thu 17 Jan 2019

Sam Taplin MC Justine on door Add comment

Patti Dale: (poem) You can't stop it/(songs) High shelf booze (Eilen Jewell)/Big fat buttermilk moon
Matt Chanarin (guitar songs): A lucky life/Just like a woman (Bob Dylan)
Lee (guitar song): My little girl wants to be a pirate
Rick Wade (guitar songs): Cornish pirates/I think that she's a witch
Lee (songs) & Liam (piano songs): Give and take/?
Laura Theis (piano songs): Masochistic time machine/If it's where you were born baby
Rob Sykes (poems): Upload/Taking back control
Angie (guitar songs): Bei mir bistu shein (Jacob Jacobs & Sholom Secunda)/(To twist the arm of love) as heavy as this wanting
Matt Winkworth (piano songs): I remember firelight (Molly Drake)/Jabberwocky (Lewis Carroll)
Sam Taplin (poem): Wild geese (Mary Oliver)
Owen Collins (poem): Farewell fair Welbeck Street
Jack (harmonica song): Heartbreak hotel (Tommy Durden & Mae Boren Axton)
Sam Taplin (story): Squirrel's holiday
Emmy: piano piece
Dan (poems): DJ Poetry/Haikunin/Dead poets?/Fuck you Mrs Hewitt/Metafive
Andreas (guitar song): Nowhere to fall
Emily (poems): The forest for the trees/My body is a winepress
Martine (guitar song): I just want you to know who I am
Rebekah (poems): Mummy/Shore and certain
Alan Buckley (true fact): Whale's fart bubble
Poppy Smallwood (guitar songs): Summer's over/Out picking ...

Thu 24 Jan 2019

Matt Sage MC Steve Larkin on door Add comment

James Bell (guitar songs): No place for me (Laura Cantrell)/ Minnie the moocher (Cab Calloway)
Carl Tomlinson (poem): Bernini's angels in the Vatican museum/? forces
Caroline from Seattle (guitar song): Blanket of stars/Ribbon (Billie Marten)
Anna & Ellie (guitar song): Ride on (Jimmy McCarthy)
Ed Pope (songs): Ode to the woodlark/Tailor fell through the bed (both by Robbie Burns)
Rosie Caldecott (guitar songs): A meadow by now/Constancy
John Poet (poems): You think you know war/I never asked
Matt Sage (guitar songs): When you walk into the room/I've named you the queen (Pablo Neruda)
Deans (piano)
Arthur (poems): Asbestos possible/My babysitter was a drug dealer/Addict
Lee from Nashville (guitar songs): Will you st6ill love me if..?/Magnolia
Emmy (piano): ?selaftagia
Morgan from Seattle (guitarlele song): Rain
Kaya (poems): Nimbly/It's a long way down
Mark James (poem): La force
Alan Buckley (poems): Kai/Dinosaurs
Patti Dale (song): Angel from Montgomery (John Prine)
Steve Larkin: (song) A hippy miner/(story) It's a funny old game, philosophy

Thu 31 Jan 2019

Matt Sage MC, Justine on door Add comment

Jim Driscoll (guitar songs): While i ain't got you/Dear god don't let philosophers be kings
Pitt (guitar song): They built a wall
Ronya & Anna (piano song): Poker face (Lady Gaga)
Ed Pope (balalaika song): Apple (Andy Letcher)
Karina from Portugal (prose): ? rescue/Misepiphany
James Bell (guitar songs): I know there's a word for this (Aimée Mann)/Kiss (Prince)
Five Fathoms Deep (Jack guitar, Alice songs, Danny accordion): Secret shade of grey/Grand opening
Clarence (piano song): ?
Lana aka Lakiko (cello songs): ?/I wanted to...
Matt Sage (guitar song): Just another moonlit mile (Mick Jagger)
Nick (guitar song): Come into your presence
Alexandra (song): in Romanian about love and time
Dan Ofer (piano): On the barge 3
Bill Frizzell (banjolele song): Boomer's story
Bruce Hegearty (poems): Odd socks/Nature through and through
Patti Dale: (poem) What's it worth?/(song) Tecumseh Valley (Towns van Zandt)
Danny (guitar & harmonica song): Fairview
Chris Floyd (guitar songs): Plato is the devil/Loveland

Thu 7 Feb 2019

Steve Larkin MC Justine on door Add comment

Simon Davies (guitar songs): Planet moody/East come easy go
NT Music (Noah piano, Tomas guitar):Walking in the air/?
Ria (poems): My nan/Soldiers/Mark Darcy
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Stay beside me/(with Tony vocals) Let it be (Paul McCartney)
Abby (story): Charity shop murder/Hungry vultures/When silence screams
Lee (guitar song): The ballad of the bearded few
Jamie (magic for smiles): balloon eating
Steve Larkin - guess the chord competition
Andy & Patrick (2 guitars songs): Plotting your escape/Who cares/Slip of the tongue
Chris Wood (poems): The girls are shopping
Christina (guitar songs): Alone (Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly)/My baby had to go
Ken Rich (poems): Valentine haiku/Basingstoke/Newbury
Jo Mowat (songs): i don't want to cry anymore (Victor Sherzinger)/Ball and chain (Janis Joplin)
Pippa Wainwright (poem): What happens when you pretend something
Graham (poems): Why east wind chills/Being but men (both by Dylan Thomas)
Tony: (guitar song) I don't know what you're thinking/(poem) They fuck you up (apologies to Philip Larkin)
Lizzie (poem): Horrid little thing
Steve Larkin (mandolin song): Original sin