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Thu 25 Aug 2016

Sam Taplin MC Cassie on door Add comment

Moogieman: Left my camera on the moon/ Rosa Lou
Henry Blyth: (piano) Prelude (Rachmaninov)
Alison: Wildest moments (Jessie Ware)/Dancing on my own (Callum Scott)
Femi: Dreaming spires
Patti Dale: (her daughter) Lara/Sadie's singing low
Paul Askew: Poker hand/Congregation/Have you ever noticed?
Stuart & Tom: Don't fear the law fear the judge/Harder and sharper
Club Soda (Tom): (piano) Stay awhile, make me smile
Ed Pope: Stoned on your love (Robin Williamson)/There was a fly
African Dance Oxford: !!!
Andy: Dreaming of another world/Snails impro
Andy: Glymphatic system/Collections (grandfather)
Boo: Where are the angels now they gave up/Scream queen
Rebecca: Mr Clock/Cacophony of coffee/When I say I miss you
All Is Worth: Early birdie/Goldencollared girl (give it to the man)
Rosie: Miss Misery (Elliott Smith)/Rain (Spanish poem)
Cassie: help Greenprint get flyers to Shamballa
Thursday Club: Us (like I'm in love with you)/Can't take back the words
Ben Champion: Atheist priest

Thu 1 Sep 2016

Matt Sage MC Sophie Phipps on door Add comment

Kevin Jenkins: At the speed of light
Femi: Argon & neon
Simon Davies: Keepsake
James & Peter: (guitars) Tarragon/Viking man (both by Rodrigo y Gabriela)
Wayland: (story) The wild man
Moogieman: Disposable Camera
Patti Dale: Cod'ine (Buffy St Marie)
Matt Sage: To my darling daughter/Dreaming about my baby
Heathcote Williams: Trump vs Clinton
Ben Champion: Peepee rap
Rip Bulkeley: Sizeology/Cat haiku
Giovanni: Let's all raise our hands
Adam Riley: Someday we will find our space/Electricity generation
Raymond Burke: You can't look me in the eye
Stephen Durkan: Modern man
Pete Salmon: What I'm trying to say
Isaac: (drum)
Geoff: (guitar) All through the night/Bring back my bonny/Ash grove
Phoebe Nicholson: Harvest/Silence in a foreign language/Milkthistle/Flesh (Gunter von Hagen)/Red Devon mud

Thu 8 Sep 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Pete Joshua: (banjo) Nancy
Holly: Trainspotting/The future
Femi: Music/Hippo-giraffe-homo-sapiens
Trevor Williams: Along the way/We will wake
Matt Sage: Song for Sam
Annette: Expectations (comic monologue)
Alex: Cased in glass
Oscar & George (accordion, guitar): 2 tunes
Megan & Joe Henwood: Just like Eliot said/I used to be so kind
Will Mason with Pete Salmon: Moving on
Marcus Corbett: Thieves & rogues we've got to be strong
ET: Burnt sugar/Bloodless
Andy: Heart is a precious thing
Rip Bulkeley: Mother/Water garden
Harry Ronan?: Take care/Day by day (with Joe Henwood on tenor sax)
Richard Gipps: You were always on my mind (Wayne Carson &)
Finisterre: The things we do for love (10cc)/Mexico (The Staves)/Goodnight Irene (Leadbelly)

Thu 15 Sep 2016

Sam Taplin MC Kathryn on door Add comment

Clare Lemaster: Follow the sound/Lego
Rob Sykes: Pub garden
Patti Dale: More than you know/St Louis blues
Piet: (guitar) flamenco-style
Henry Blyth: Piano impro
Ro?: These four walls/More sacrifice more love
Moogieman: Economy of love/Ice cream van
Lara: I am all that is/Phoenix/Cleaning
Tariq Bashir: (oudh) Zaylek? 9/4 time/Mandein? 7/4 time (both in Hizan? mode)
Ben Champion: Ginger cowboy/Suing myself
Owen: Space raiders (sonnet)/Free Mohammed Al Ajami
Cath Brown: Lion gate human piano (see photo 3 of Timeline Photos on The Catweazle Club Facebook page))
Rip Bulkeley: Tierra del Fuego/Poppet
Thomas: It could carry us back to the start/I swear in these moments you could love them
Rosie Caldecott: Room for you, time for you/Head in the pages of my diary
Raga Woods: Frida Kahlo, Katerina, Guadelupe &c (see photo 5 of Timeline photos on The Catweazle Club Facebook page)
Alan Buckley: Peaches
Ed Pope: Got no friends/Quite a day

Thu 22 Sep 2016

Matt Sage MC India on door Add comment

Raymond Burke: Shot in the balls/Mental hospital
Pete: Berber lullaby
Patti Dale: One of those days (Eilen Jewell)
Simon Davies: Precious thing/Tomorrow brings love
Olga Gdula with ET as Alice: Alice goes to hell
Matt Sage: Red Cross (6 houses in Haiti)/Gratitude
Femi: Congo/Religious education
Lara Fairylove: Slugs/Healing/All you need is love
The Fusion Project: I see fire on the mountain (Ed Shearan)/their own song
Ben Champion: So sorry Hugh Laurie
ET: Grandpont witchcraft
Alex: Witch hazel poem/Autumnal interlude
Pete Joshua: Autumn leaves
Richard Gipps: Lady Franklin's lament
Layla: Nipples/Peep show/Pleny of fish (behold be held hold me tight)
Rip Bulkeley: Poema veinte (English & Spanish) (Pablo Neruda)
Bill Frizzell: I am the walrus
Max Brown: Maybe the rain will end the pain


Thu 29 Sep 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Matt Sage: He came in from the east
Rosie: I long to be - (the sea?)/Ballad of big nothing (Elliott Smith)
Lucas: (guitar) 2 tunes
Emma: Ain't nobody loves me better (Chaka Khan)
Carl: Dupitrons - my hand in yours/Landing lights
Andrew Freidin (flute) & Christine (song): Amazing grace
Henry Blyth: (piano) & The world like a marble
Crusoe: If I can find my love (wreak my vengeance) to tune of A blacksmith courted me
Diego (guitar) & Femi (poems): Katy Hopkins cockroach/Period - metaphor
Patti Dale:(poem & song) The status of a chair/House of the rising sun
Will: (song)?
Eddie: Barrytown (Steely Dan)
Caroline: Blush/Pas de deux
Edward Pope: (balalaika, songs) Love conkers all/Stronger than a castle
Alan Buckley: (poems) Boat race (not too late)/Alien - warship grey
Fusion Project: I see fire on the mountain (Ed Shearan)/Wonderwall jam

Thu 6 Oct 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Andrew Freidin: 5 Rumi poems & flute solos
Rip Bulkeley: I'm afraid/The joystick
May: Free eye to eye/Something (cuts?)
Vincent Lynch: Quiet please/Six feet of trouble
Henry Blyth: (piano impro) Alzheimers marathon
Owen Collins: Complete Turkish/Peter Norman
Felicia: Whole life running
Matt Sage: You are the queen (Pablo Neruda)
Raymond Burke: Remember to forget
Bill Frizzell: Good vibrations (Beach Boys)
Tony: (accordion) When we went away (Brexit Jacques Brel)/Brexit manifesto
Raga Woods: (infomercial) Baa baa black sheep (traditional)/Help with stuff
Shannon: You get back on that plane
Nick: ?/Before I go
Simon: Always enough/Weapons of peace
Naomi: Distance makes no difference
Alex: (guitar) A-wandering
Marina: My love is an apple tree
Will Mason: What's a girl to do?
Rohanna: Speak truth to yourself/One of them
Johnny Goodfellow (Rumplestiltskin): marathon introduction

Thu 13 Oct 2016

Matt Sage MC, Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Moogieman: Camera on the moon/Disposable
Patti Dale: Veins of coal (Richie Stearns)
Stephen Durkan: Tsunami is coming for your hummus
Alex Lezana: Time of the season for loving (Zombies)/Raingod (Sumina?)
Raymond Burke: Baby please stop crying (Bob Dylan)/Remember to forget
Owen Collins: Hounslow/Minehead
Elliot Vanderhyde: Soy un perdit I'm a loser baby
Femi Nylander: Britannia/Laws of the jungle - anthropocene
Toby: I'm a slave
Fusion Project: I see fire on the mountain (Ed Sheeran)/Allah hu
Oxford Beatles: We can work it out/If I fell in love
Ben: Skulls/Pillars/Lamplight/Dogma
Matt Sage: (piano song) Night time is the right time
Felicia: I am a diver
Isabelle (from Paris): (piano) People killing people - in my ivory tower
Bill Frizzell: I am a sunset (Ruby Frizzell)
Edward Pope: Let em in (Paul McCartney)/Grattan lullaby (Robin Williamson)
Owl Light Trio (Jim Penny concertina, Jane Griffiths fiddle, Colin Fletcher guitar): Swedish tune/Politician, lighthouse & trained cormorant

Thu 20 Oct 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door 22nd birthday Add comment

Bill Frizzell & Matt Sage: There is a place in Oxford town
Moogieman & Stephen Durkan (piano): 44 quits (watch the sunset)
Guillaume: (piano)
Alex Lezana: I feel love (Donna Summer)
Steve Durkan (with Laura): The night oot
Ben Heany: You don't know (13th Floor Elevators)
Rosie Caldecott: Let it be what it wants to be
Simon Davies: Try me
Ashley: On a lonely beach
Matt Sage: Take off your boots
Obi: Call me a slave
Crusoe, Patti & ?: Go back (Matt) do it again
Rip Bulkeley: Ursus minimus
Marina: On the waste land of my bed
Alex: (guitar)
Carl: Somewhere - you learn/Sunshine in Michaelmas
Laura Theis (with Chris Johnson): Okay so that happened (Faceometer)/Sunshine werewolf
ET: Have your way, make your way (Jessica Law)
Cath Brown & Josie Webber: Happy birthdayland (Mr Partybox & Glamora)
Rob Sykes: The thousand year Dorf
Simon: Minddrift/Voyage to the now and forever
Ed Pope: To live at all (Mervyn Peake)

Thu 27 Oct 2016

Matt Sage MC ? on door Add comment

Matt Sage: The end
Liz Rothschild: (stories, poem) Funeral/Grief
Mark Wright: (song) The Ash Grove (traditional)
Cath Arsis: October song (Robin Williamson)/Hey ho darker grow the days
Amber Frizzell: Fatherclocks are like coffins/Mothermum
Bill, Su & Ruby Frizzell: Tom Dooley (traditional)
Alex & Will Mason: Elsie's lullaby
Owen Collins: For Ann (Richmond overground)
Laura, Rosie & Ditte: To live by a river/When Wendy grows up
ET: The slew
Josh Alden: Blue & Black/You can buy love
Crusoe: The weather will be bright
Pete the Temp: Taoist call and response/Remember that you're going to die/The busker's survival
Pete Salmon: (guitar) sombre one
Simon: Only change/Happiness & meaning
Guy: The hungry ghost
May: What shall I do? (Miriam Makeba)
Lara Fairylove: 3 short poems
Richard: Nettlebed/S & M/Tottenham Pie (West Ham)
Greg: (piano) I am weak
Ditte Elly: Matty Groves (traditional)/My oh my