CATWEAZLE Thu 15 Sep 2016

Sam Taplin MC Kathryn on door

Clare Lemaster: Follow the sound/Lego
Rob Sykes: Pub garden
Patti Dale: More than you know/St Louis blues
Piet: (guitar) flamenco-style
Henry Blyth: Piano impro
Ro?: These four walls/More sacrifice more love
Moogieman: Economy of love/Ice cream van
Lara: I am all that is/Phoenix/Cleaning
Tariq Bashir: (oudh) Zaylek? 9/4 time/Mandein? 7/4 time (both in Hizan? mode)
Ben Champion: Ginger cowboy/Suing myself
Owen: Space raiders (sonnet)/Free Mohammed Al Ajami
Cath Brown: Lion gate human piano (see photo 3 of Timeline Photos on The Catweazle Club Facebook page))
Rip Bulkeley: Tierra del Fuego/Poppet
Thomas: It could carry us back to the start/I swear in these moments you could love them
Rosie Caldecott: Room for you, time for you/Head in the pages of my diary
Raga Woods: Frida Kahlo, Katerina, Guadelupe &c (see photo 5 of Timeline photos on The Catweazle Club Facebook page)
Alan Buckley: Peaches
Ed Pope: Got no friends/Quite a day

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