CATWEAZLE Thu 27 Oct 2016

Matt Sage MC ? on door

Matt Sage: The end
Liz Rothschild: (stories, poem) Funeral/Grief
Mark Wright: (song) The Ash Grove (traditional)
Cath Arsis: October song (Robin Williamson)/Hey ho darker grow the days
Amber Frizzell: Fatherclocks are like coffins/Mothermum
Bill, Su & Ruby Frizzell: Tom Dooley (traditional)
Alex & Will Mason: Elsie's lullaby
Owen Collins: For Ann (Richmond overground)
Laura, Rosie & Ditte: To live by a river/When Wendy grows up
ET: The slew
Josh Alden: Blue & Black/You can buy love
Crusoe: The weather will be bright
Pete the Temp: Taoist call and response/Remember that you're going to die/The busker's survival
Pete Salmon: (guitar) sombre one
Simon: Only change/Happiness & meaning
Guy: The hungry ghost
May: What shall I do? (Miriam Makeba)
Lara Fairylove: 3 short poems
Richard: Nettlebed/S & M/Tottenham Pie (West Ham)
Greg: (piano) I am weak
Ditte Elly: Matty Groves (traditional)/My oh my

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