CATWEAZLE Thu 25 Aug 2016

Sam Taplin MC Cassie on door

Moogieman: Left my camera on the moon/ Rosa Lou
Henry Blyth: (piano) Prelude (Rachmaninov)
Alison: Wildest moments (Jessie Ware)/Dancing on my own (Callum Scott)
Femi: Dreaming spires
Patti Dale: (her daughter) Lara/Sadie's singing low
Paul Askew: Poker hand/Congregation/Have you ever noticed?
Stuart & Tom: Don't fear the law fear the judge/Harder and sharper
Club Soda (Tom): (piano) Stay awhile, make me smile
Ed Pope: Stoned on your love (Robin Williamson)/There was a fly
African Dance Oxford: !!!
Andy: Dreaming of another world/Snails impro
Andy: Glymphatic system/Collections (grandfather)
Boo: Where are the angels now they gave up/Scream queen
Rebecca: Mr Clock/Cacophony of coffee/When I say I miss you
All Is Worth: Early birdie/Goldencollared girl (give it to the man)
Rosie: Miss Misery (Elliott Smith)/Rain (Spanish poem)
Cassie: help Greenprint get flyers to Shamballa
Thursday Club: Us (like I'm in love with you)/Can't take back the words
Ben Champion: Atheist priest

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 17, 2017, 9:01 p.m.
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