CATWEAZLE Thu 13 Oct 2016

Matt Sage MC, Bill Frizzell on door

Moogieman: Camera on the moon/Disposable
Patti Dale: Veins of coal (Richie Stearns)
Stephen Durkan: Tsunami is coming for your hummus
Alex Lezana: Time of the season for loving (Zombies)/Raingod (Sumina?)
Raymond Burke: Baby please stop crying (Bob Dylan)/Remember to forget
Owen Collins: Hounslow/Minehead
Elliot Vanderhyde: Soy un perdit I'm a loser baby
Femi Nylander: Britannia/Laws of the jungle - anthropocene
Toby: I'm a slave
Fusion Project: I see fire on the mountain (Ed Sheeran)/Allah hu
Oxford Beatles: We can work it out/If I fell in love
Ben: Skulls/Pillars/Lamplight/Dogma
Matt Sage: (piano song) Night time is the right time
Felicia: I am a diver
Isabelle (from Paris): (piano) People killing people - in my ivory tower
Bill Frizzell: I am a sunset (Ruby Frizzell)
Edward Pope: Let em in (Paul McCartney)/Grattan lullaby (Robin Williamson)
Owl Light Trio (Jim Penny concertina, Jane Griffiths fiddle, Colin Fletcher guitar): Swedish tune/Politician, lighthouse & trained cormorant

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 14, 2017, 9:15 p.m.
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