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Thu 7 Mar 2024

Matt Sage MC Lara and Sophie on door Add comment

Peter (guitar song): Overthinking
James (banjolele song): Take me out
Victoria (poem): Embodiment/The wide view
Gavin (poems): Amplitude/Warm again my heart/Shelter
Simon Batten (guitar song): Silver dagger (Joan Baez)/Circadian rhythm
Febueder (2 guitars & uke songs): This is how I feel/?
Tony Bicat (poems): ?/Chien et loup
Laura Theis (piano song): Spider in the music room
Minnie (poems): A woman near me/Foxglove
Tom (piano song): Crush everything
Ian (guitar songs): How to carry on/Doppelgangerbanger
Callum, Harris, Nathaniel, Sian (song from 1830s)
Nick (guitar song): The book of life
Simon Chambers (poem): Celtic deep
Owen Collins (poems): Doors/Name that tune
Alex (guitar song): Lavender
Laura (poem): Gotta go through it
Carl (poem): She the woman of her worth
Rob (guitar song): A grumpy old man
Alan Buckley (poem): Runcorn ferry (Stanley Holloway)
Stephen Durkan (poem): Mortality at 3am in a bar in Soho

Thu 21 Mar 2024

Alan Buckley MC, Sophie on door Add comment

Rob (mandolin song): Running the easting down/Till the end of days
Yaz (poems): Garden beds and hospital/(with John on piano) I am not sorry
Richard Pantlin (poems): Fast christian (Adrian Salmon)/Begin with one day
Hugh (guitar song): Take what is needed
Lize (poems): If god is everywhere/Break-up
Thomas (poems): Transparent homes/Dreams are unfashionable
Rowan (poems): Cold on the inside/1 to 24
Eve (piano songs): Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)/Fannyhead (?)
Sky (poem): The pit
Owen Collins (poems): Hand in pockets/Equinox two
Stilly (slides & poem): The uneaten dentist
Jack (harmonica with Caitlin, cahon): You got me running/ Afro blue (John Coltrane)
Antonia (poem): A love poem about friendship
George Roberts (poems): A wake for our parents/Never look in your father's sock drawer
John (piano song with Yaz, vocals): What's right for you is right for me too (Boygenius)/It feels good to be known so well
Laura Theis (poem): The listener
Sam Twigg (guitar songs): Paloma/Wear your discontent

Thu 4 Apr 2024

Matt Sage MC, Lara on door Add comment

Matt Sage (guitar song): Nothing is left
Clara (piano song): Caledonia
Beth (poems):
Peter (guitar song): I like the dark
Noor: An interaction
Libby (poem): The inside (guitar song) Zoo keeper (aged
Mike Harris (songs): about the Tories?/about a frog
Rowan (poems): Downwards we may go, but upwards we will climb/Hello you, my love
Justin (reading): Counting to ten thousand
Owen Collins (poem)
John (piano song): Nothing's going to happen
Rohimma (poems): Anti-love poem/Space motion sickness
Carl Tomlinson (poems): Competitors/Iftar in December
Tony Bicat (poems): Eton mess/Teresa at no. 10/St. Teresa
Eve (piano songs): Backpack/Imaginal
Lara (ukelele song): As wave is to the sea
Jack (harmonica): Hard time coming up blues (Skip Jones)
Lize (poem): Even if I look strong don't treat me like a rock/Invisible masters
Bill Frizzell (ukelele song): Why don't we just take the billionaires' money away? (Jeff Burner)
Abby (poems): Sexting John Travolta/Laundry with Sigourney Weaver
Miranda (piano song): The man in the moon