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Thu 3 Nov 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Laura Theis: The ocean is nobody's bitch/The house that I was raised in
Axel: (poem, song) Cowley road and a little bit of Headington/Seit menschengedenken ganzer man fang ein esiger knall (oder etwas wie das)
Naomi, Rob: Crawling back to you
Trevor: The wolfman
Rip Bulkeley: Mama fuck jesus
Matt Sage: Pearl diver/will you still stay with me
Mark Wright: Foggy foggy dew
Bill: How cold?/Standing on the steps
May: Trapped in the shadows of my room like a baby in the womb
Owen Collins: Sukey? outside/The great wall of Calais
Julian: Can't fend on my own (born alone)
Dr Faceometer: Four students & giant duck/Porcupine yet
Will Mason: (Please don't) take another part of me
Richard Gipps: Rosamund at Portmeadow (Molly Caird in Island City)
Piet: flamenco-style guitar
Lex (of Momentum): Painted words
Alan Buckley: (poems) The big push (John Glenday)/The truth
Moogieman: Delta 3200
Pete Salmon: (guitar)
Rosie Caldecott: Head between the pages of my diary

Thu 10 Nov 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Matt Sage:
Mandy Woods: Satnav lover/?
Mujami: a cover/a japanese song
Owen Collins:
Patti Dale:
Henry & ?: (piano impro)
Laura Theis:
Matt Sage: ?/To my darling daughter
Rosie Caldecott: Moving slowly
Pete: (flamenco-style guitar)
Rosanne: Walk with me/Two by two
Alan Buckley: Scarification/Reagan's visit to New York
Mujami: (piano) End of the road
Simon: Top trumps/Ideas
Mandy Woods: Bye (bi) for now
Pete Salmon: Nowadays I (debut) a lot/Pineapple standup
Phoebe Nicholson: Bunkers

Thu 17 Nov 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Cath Arsis: Tequila sunset/You won't come the cowboy with me
Matt Sage: He came in from the east/All day long I'm thinking about my baby
Roberto & Maria: Inferno wa-wa (guarda mi cambia)
Naomi: The ones who make love without love (Sharon Olds)
Femi: Trump not the rise of fascism/Evolution
Richard Gipps: (piano, songs) Dappled things (Gerald manley Hopkins)/Lift up my eyes
Laura: (poem) Storm petrel/Hunger hurts but starving works
Nanette: Peel me a grape (David Frishberg)/Mi querida soledad (Lila Downes) molay? recipe
Bill Frizzell: I'm your man (Leonard Cohen/Leon Russell)
Andy: Sigh no more ladies
Mark: Take your time (Mike Silver)
Alex (guitar): Later fruits
Patti Dale: Hope/Suzanne (Leonard Cohen)
Simon: Thought injunction/The men
Edwrad Pope: Nancy (Leonard Cohen)
Pete Salmon; (guitar) Leafnado
Miranda: Go back to the beginning/Let me in
Steve Larkin: The day I fell in love with a NatWest cash machine/Dead poets suck

Thu 24 Nov 2016

Matt Sage MC ? on door Add comment

Richard Gipps: (piano, songs) Andromeda (Gerald Manley Hopkins)/The complaint
Carl: Autumn leaves/Walking in walking out
Laura (song) & Pete (guitar): You keep the world at bay (for me)
Andy: Crocodile (playing accordion on Russian train)/Mermaids
Olga Gdula: I want a hippie
Stephen Durkan: What did you expect? (suave cunt)
Matt Sage & Barney Morse Brown: Laudanum girl/You are the queen (Pablo Neruda)
Steve Larkin: (poem & song, mandolin) Funny old game/Can we be friends
Raymond Burke: (guitar, song) I'm a loser/Remember to forget
Nicholas (Brazilian): (piano) No posso fecar (Arturi Nambergosai?)
Maria (song) & Richard (guitar): a well known pop song I didn't know
Sharyn: It's my blessing, it's my curse
Alex & Jess (violin): Dying town/Ballad of Mary Best
Gabriel (from Totnes): (piano) Lancelot
Barney Morse Brown: (Victoria crew?) Step inside this winter hall/To call for hands up above to lean on wouldn't be good enough

Thu 1 Dec 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

May: (guitar, songs) Lovers & lyrics/Always a spark to light up the dark
Simon Davies: (guitar, songs) So long starshine/The gift of living day
Mandy Woods: (guitar, songs) Footprint on a heart/Used to be I didn't have a clue
Megan (song) & Eden (piano): Take me baby (Rent) for World Aids Day
Olga Gdula; You don't have to fight this battle alone/The end of the world
Matt Sage: (guitar, songs) That's when you begin/Song for Sam
George Roberts: (poems) The wild side of easy street/Tough old rose (for Sandy Kennedy)/In the closing of the year
Carole: La Vie en Rose/L'Ame de mote?
Andrew Freidin: (flute) circle of raga music?
Dominique: (jazz piano) Blackbird (Paul McCartney)
Andy: (piano)
Patti Dale: (song) One grain of sand (Pete Seeger)
Rob: (poems) The students are back/Do's and dont's?
Simon: (poems) Robots/Long time love (Mary Jane)
Raymond Burke: (guitar, songs) Breaking up is hard to do (Howard Greenfield)/Do you want to fuck?

Thu 8 Dec 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Matt Sage: (guitar, somgs) Help/Norwegian wood (36th anniversary John Lennon's death)
Nelson: (ukelele, songs) I've waited too darn long/Any degree of faith in me
Julia: (piano, songs) Don't think, if I come running after you../Quiet place, fireplace, I'm in love with you
Mark: Things/American dream, youth for sale, no refunds
Moogieman: (guitar, songs) Origami christmas tree/Polly polaroid
Ally: River (Joni Mitchell) recommended Truman Capote's Christmas Story
Phoebe Nicholson: (poem) Ectasis
The Shapes: The old school wall/Passing of the Years/April showers
Robin: Fight me and marry me
Carlos: Poem for Oxford Pearl?/song in Spanish
Rip Bulkeley: (poem) Tears are not the detergent for bloodstains
Owen Collins: (poems) Adopt a room/Words related to love
Laura & Pete: Eastern Kentucky (10am sunrise 3pm sunset)
Naomi: (guitar, song) You were this thing I was trying to grab at
Alan Buckley: (poems) Lord Minahan Sri Lanka?/Crows "the true and beautiful dark"?
Dominic: (saxophone & piano) My one and only love

Thu 15 Dec 2016

Matt sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Alex Lezana: (guitar, songs) Seven letters/Sweet dreams (Eurhythmics)
Jeremy (from Cambridge): Burning tyres/The dove
Mandy Woods: (guitar,songs) Shoe shop girl/That christmas magic
Kezzie: (piano) The Voice of Lir (Henry Cowell)/ her own piece
Simon: (poem) A piece of spare change
Dot & Jesus Young & Faith your own personal Jesus
Anya: (double bass, songs) Take me back (you queen)/ Black is the colour (traditional)
Matt Sage: (guitar, songs) Don't let the world go by/Will you still stay with me tonight?
Robin: St James Infirmary blues (Summertime)
Femi ( (piano, poem) Congo
Harriet: The river
Daisy: You don't have to go (murderborn)
Tony Hinkes: (poems) Guru to tea/Facebook like
ET: (song) Retail carol
Jeremy (from Cambridge): Stars
Rob (percussion, songs) Erin (piano) Andrew Freidin (flute): Full fathom five (Shakespeare)/Sligo Rocks? Margaret?


Thu 22 Dec 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door Add comment

Raymond Burke: (guitar songs) I don't feel quite so lonesome (now I'm on my own again)/If you only knew you're the only one for me that would ever do
Clare Lemaster: (guitar songs) Intimate moments with strangers/Merchants of death
Mark Wright: New year (sleeves will get shorter)
Moogieman: (story) The Magi
Olga Gdula: (act) Death and heaven
Rip Bulkeley: (poems) Christmas/Redmantle's to the greenwood gone
Ed Pope: (balalaika songs) Gay weddings/All I want for Christmas is me
Ian Trinder (guitar, song) & Josie Webber (cello): I will be out here while everything falls apart/Out past the horizon - staring at the wall
Steve Larkin & Ben Champion: Sorry Hugh Laurie/Feeding shit to arseholes
Patti Dale: (song) Angel from Montgomery (John Prine)
Bill Frizzell: (ukelele song) Greg Lake, Peter Sinfield, 21st century schizoid man, I believed in Father Christmas
Owen Collins:(poems) World peace/13th day of christmas
Simon: (poems) A solstice tale/Armed police for breakfast
Pete Salmon (guitar) & Will Mason (guitar, songs): Politics in the afternoon/Moving on
Matt Sage (guitar, song) & Clare Lemaster (song): Who knows where the time goes? (Sandy Denny)
Matt Sage (guitar,song): Dreaming about my baby


Thu 29 Dec 2016

Sam Taplin MC Catherine on door Add comment

Rory Evans: (guitar) Happy again/Blue moon
Patti Dale: (songs) More than you know/Do nothing till you hear from me (Duke Ellington)
Frederick (Achupadi?): (mandolin) 3 reels
Mandy Woods: (guitar songs) Deep trouble now (Trump)/It's wrong
Rob Sykes: (poems) Unremarkable destiny (signpost)/What did you do in the bfrand wars, daddy?/Studland (nudist beach)
Hannah Bond (song, James Bell on guitar): Can't quite relate to myself (Faceometer)
James Bell: Bridge over troubled waters (Paul Simon - as a tribute to Carrie Fisher?why?)/ Twenty Two (It feels like one of those nights Taylor Swift)
Raymond Burke: Nothing seems the same in the light (George Michael)/an ironic tribute to Fidel Castro
Jeanie: Toronto/Caramel Brady
Lincoln: (piano) Innocence/Mean to me (Ahlert & Turk)
Band of Hope (from Wallingford): (guitar, mandolin,harmonium,songs) There is never enough/Stayed up all night (Didcot cooling tower demolition)
Val (Scottish): Singing in the Rain
Bill Frizzell: Deeper and down (Status Quo)
Simon & Nick: Unreliable Narrator (The Eulogies)
Lewis: (poems) Snowman/Gravediggers lament/Shortest distance between two hearts
Robin: Dance? with me
Dave Todd: (guitar song) Song for Paul (Howard)
Mark Wright: (poem) Hebrides
Ben Smith (fiddle) & James Bell (guitar): a Spiers & Boden tune

Thu 5 Jan 2017

Matt Sage MC Add comment

I missed first half (Ed Pope) so this was "oral history"
Matt Sage: (guitar songs) Laudanum girl/Lovers lane
Femi: (poems) Snakes in the mud/Listen
Patti Dale: (poem/somg) Status of a chair/Buy me a Mercedes Benz (Janis Joplin)
Owen Collins: (poems) Hydrocatch?/As if on cue
Raymond Burke: (guitar songs) The end of the line (?Travelling Wilburys?Metallica?)/Remember to forget
Kenny?: (piano) the 3 ?nohias?
Maddy Godfrey: (poems) October 12th/I love the way you take up space
May: (piano song/song) A parting waltz/Silver dagger (Joan Baez)
Ruth?: (spoken) farming conference, Needfire (carbon capture)
Ronan?: To set it right?
Simon: (poems) The dragon tree/Supreme surprise
Elinor:(poems) Higher Education /A nice poem (penny for my thoughts?)
Mark Wright: (poem?) We don't know
Maddy Godfrey: (poems) Untitled (love is not a war zone)/My little sister (s-l-u-t)
Matt Sage: (guitar songs) Take off your boots/Don't let the world go by
Ed Pope: looking back at the year 2016 & Blue Drag (Django Reinhardt) on guitar