CATWEAZLE Thu 29 Dec 2016

Sam Taplin MC Catherine on door

Rory Evans: (guitar) Happy again/Blue moon
Patti Dale: (songs) More than you know/Do nothing till you hear from me (Duke Ellington)
Frederick (Achupadi?): (mandolin) 3 reels
Mandy Woods: (guitar songs) Deep trouble now (Trump)/It's wrong
Rob Sykes: (poems) Unremarkable destiny (signpost)/What did you do in the bfrand wars, daddy?/Studland (nudist beach)
Hannah Bond (song, James Bell on guitar): Can't quite relate to myself (Faceometer)
James Bell: Bridge over troubled waters (Paul Simon - as a tribute to Carrie Fisher?why?)/ Twenty Two (It feels like one of those nights Taylor Swift)
Raymond Burke: Nothing seems the same in the light (George Michael)/an ironic tribute to Fidel Castro
Jeanie: Toronto/Caramel Brady
Lincoln: (piano) Innocence/Mean to me (Ahlert & Turk)
Band of Hope (from Wallingford): (guitar, mandolin,harmonium,songs) There is never enough/Stayed up all night (Didcot cooling tower demolition)
Val (Scottish): Singing in the Rain
Bill Frizzell: Deeper and down (Status Quo)
Simon & Nick: Unreliable Narrator (The Eulogies)
Lewis: (poems) Snowman/Gravediggers lament/Shortest distance between two hearts
Robin: Dance? with me
Dave Todd: (guitar song) Song for Paul (Howard)
Mark Wright: (poem) Hebrides
Ben Smith (fiddle) & James Bell (guitar): a Spiers & Boden tune

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 13, 2017, 4:02 p.m.
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