CATWEAZLE Thu 5 Jan 2017

Matt Sage MC

I missed first half (Ed Pope) so this was "oral history"
Matt Sage: (guitar songs) Laudanum girl/Lovers lane
Femi: (poems) Snakes in the mud/Listen
Patti Dale: (poem/somg) Status of a chair/Buy me a Mercedes Benz (Janis Joplin)
Owen Collins: (poems) Hydrocatch?/As if on cue
Raymond Burke: (guitar songs) The end of the line (?Travelling Wilburys?Metallica?)/Remember to forget
Kenny?: (piano) the 3 ?nohias?
Maddy Godfrey: (poems) October 12th/I love the way you take up space
May: (piano song/song) A parting waltz/Silver dagger (Joan Baez)
Ruth?: (spoken) farming conference, Needfire (carbon capture)
Ronan?: To set it right?
Simon: (poems) The dragon tree/Supreme surprise
Elinor:(poems) Higher Education /A nice poem (penny for my thoughts?)
Mark Wright: (poem?) We don't know
Maddy Godfrey: (poems) Untitled (love is not a war zone)/My little sister (s-l-u-t)
Matt Sage: (guitar songs) Take off your boots/Don't let the world go by
Ed Pope: looking back at the year 2016 & Blue Drag (Django Reinhardt) on guitar

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 13, 2017, 3:14 p.m.
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