CATWEAZLE Thu 8 Dec 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door

Matt Sage: (guitar, somgs) Help/Norwegian wood (36th anniversary John Lennon's death)
Nelson: (ukelele, songs) I've waited too darn long/Any degree of faith in me
Julia: (piano, songs) Don't think, if I come running after you../Quiet place, fireplace, I'm in love with you
Mark: Things/American dream, youth for sale, no refunds
Moogieman: (guitar, songs) Origami christmas tree/Polly polaroid
Ally: River (Joni Mitchell) recommended Truman Capote's Christmas Story
Phoebe Nicholson: (poem) Ectasis
The Shapes: The old school wall/Passing of the Years/April showers
Robin: Fight me and marry me
Carlos: Poem for Oxford Pearl?/song in Spanish
Rip Bulkeley: (poem) Tears are not the detergent for bloodstains
Owen Collins: (poems) Adopt a room/Words related to love
Laura & Pete: Eastern Kentucky (10am sunrise 3pm sunset)
Naomi: (guitar, song) You were this thing I was trying to grab at
Alan Buckley: (poems) Lord Minahan Sri Lanka?/Crows "the true and beautiful dark"?
Dominic: (saxophone & piano) My one and only love

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