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Thu 28 Sep 2017

Matt Sage MC Kathryn on door Add comment

Raymond Burke: (doo wop song) Guided missiles (Alfred Gateman & the Cuff Links)/(guitar song) She shook me to the core
May:(guitar songs) Running up that hill (Kate Bush)/Somebody sometime
Chris: (poems) Accidents in the home/Growing up (shaving)
Del Navaz (Della, tanbur & Chris, tabla): (songs in Parsi) Eyelashes/Desire
Ollie: (poem) Diary entry October 2016
Michaela (guitar songs): Dance with the devil/Would I have told you?
Hester (song) & Lucy (accordion): Thaney (I will never wed a stranger)
Marina (poems): Purple flower/I wish I had you on the floor/Sitting on the train I realise I'm eating a metaphor of us
Dom James (sax & piano) & Jacob (projected photos): In a sentimental mood (Duke Ellington)
Matt Sage: (guitar songs) To my darling daughter/Just another moonlight mile (Rolling Stones)
ET: (story) Joe's scrapy violin
Mark James: (poems) Dream/Good German 4 by 4/My wings are the magic
Lockey (from Tasmania): (guitar song) I can't help falling in love with you (Elvis Presley)
Jeremy (poem): The unexpected arrival of whales under Golden Gate Bridge California
Rob Sykes: (poems) Autumn/Autumn divination/Autumn ditty
The Grizzlers (Guitar, recorder, fiddle, songs): a poem by Austin Clarke/Sally Gardens (W B Yeats)/Star of the County Down

Thu 5 Oct 2017

Catweazle 23rd birthday, hats and wigs Add comment

Matt Sage: (read out) On Catweazle (intro to 1st Catweazle magazine Feb 2013)/(guitar song) Into the mystic (Van Morrison)
Valentin: (read out) letter from Anna to Catweazle
Poppy Smallwood (guitar songs): Whether you live or die/Waifs and strays
Jane (song) & James (guitar) from Cheltenham: Soething stupid (C Carson Parkes)
Raymond Burke: Trouble in mind (Richard Jones)/Trouble in my way (Luther Barnes)
Stephen Durkin (poems?): The fairy queen/Relearning the lesson
Ruby Driscoll: (guitar song) Small hands (Keaton Henson?)
Jim Driscoll: (guitar songs) The morning dew/If it hadn't been for one (the carter)
Ollie: (poem?) Diary entry Wantage 2017
Bill Frizzell (ukelele song): How much is that hat? (Donovan Woods)
Laura Theis (song) & Chris Johnson (guitar song): Just like the movies (Matt Winkworth)
Simon Davies (guitar song): Sombre bossa nova
Henry Blyth: story of three hats
Rory Skyster: (song) Sailor's lament?
Alex & Jess (guitar song): Like a mountain
Moogieman (synth song): Salt (Raymond Burke)
Rob Sykes: (poem) Thames towpath October night
Maha Jeffery from Malaysia (guitar song): Used to be
Ed Pope (poem): To live at all (Mervyn Peake)

Thu 12 Oct 2017

Matt Sage MC, Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Kent Nillsen (guitarlele songs): A bar on the corner/Sweetest thing I ever heard
Avalon (piano): "a quick song"
Francesca: (poem) Breakfast song (Elizabeth Bishop)/(guitar song) Chasing beautiful now
Eric from Toronto (guitar songs): Perfect pitch/Crashing my own funeral
Carl (poems): Binsey poplars (Gerald Manley Hopkins)/Rural scene
Laura (piano) & Jack (harmonica): medley of Is you is or is you ain't my baby (Louis Jordan), Hit the road Jack (Percy Mayfield) & Minnie the moocher (Cab Calloway)
Paul Askew (poems?): No smoking/Panpipes kissing
Lara Fairylove: (song) I feel menstrual/(guitar song) I am all that is
Matt Sage: (guitar song) Give it all away
Faceometer (guitar songs): Sebastian/The elephant in the room
Damian Clarke (dulcimer songs): Payday/Jonah
Patti Dale (song): High shelf booze (Eilen Jewell)
Rosie Caldecott (guitar songs): We would have a meadow by now/Physical phrases
Bill Frizzell (poem): Glad to be alive (jogging)
Cath Brown & Mike Holt (piano song with moustaches): Ratatouille
Alan Buckley (poems):I, being born a woman and distressed (Edna St Vincent Millais)/The gift
Phoebe Nicholson (poems) : Harvest/The crucible
Michael Holt: (piano song) Trees/(guitar song) John o'dreams (Bill Caddick/Tchaikovsky)/(piano song) Hold the world/(piano gibberish?) finale

Thu 19 Oct 2017

Matt Sage MC, Kathryn on door Add comment

Strawberry Thieves (guitar, cahon, songs): A blacksmith courted me (trad)/She will always carry on
Jamie Felton (guitar): (song) Grab my hips and sway/(instrumental à la espagnol)
Bill (guitar) & Amanda (cello): (songs) Volcano (Damien Rice)/Hollow days
Simon Davies (guitar song): Hazy English blues
Jeremy; prose from book he's writing
Hester (piano) & Lucy: (songs) Give me some (?)/Wives and lovers (Burt Bacharach)
Andy (guitar) & Chris: (song) Is it just me?
Matt Sage (guitar songs): I've named you the queen (Pablo Neruda)/Jealous guy (John Lennon)
Dom James (sax & piano) & Mark Wright (song): Smile (Charlie Chaplin/Puccini/John Turner)
Patti Dale: (poem) The bottom line/(song) Do nothing till you hear from me (Duke Ellington)
David (guitar songs): Girl from New York/Lavender and clementine
Rob Sykes (poems): The limits of dignity/An interval/The monstrosity
Henry Blyth: intro on death & impro on piano
Iohannes (poem): Sahara dust
Maddy Godfrey (poems): Arguing with gravity/Ode to my kneecaps
Alan Buckley (poems): Deceit (Michael Donaghy)/Run (the whippet poem)
Max Brown (guitar songs): Living with mum/Katy/Devil's on the run (Josh T Pearson)

Thu 26 Oct 2017

Matt Sage MC, Kathryn on door Add comment

Rory Skyster (songs): Bold Riley (trad)/Bound for south Australia (trad)
Andrew (guitar songs): (with Camilla) Cirry/On our own
Lev (guitar song): Slip away
Ruby (guitar song): If you realise
Olga Gdula (story): Alice & death
Dom James (piano, sax) & May (song, piano, guitar): Autumn leaves (Kosma/Prevert/Mercer)/Feed the birds (Sherman brothers)
Stephen Durkan (poem?): Why be anything?
Lily (guitar song): Bella ciao (trad)
Matt Sage (guitar song): This isn't it
Owen Collins (poems): Pool/On the death of Jools Holland in December
Jim Driscoll  (guitar songs): Sprig of thyme (trad)/The Greenland whale fishing (trad)
Mandy Woods (guitar songs): Satnav girl/Miniature hot dog blues
Moogieman & the Masochists (drum machine, guitar, bass, amp, songs): Provia/Agfa Clack
Lara Fairylove: Cycling/I am that I am
Chris (poem): One step from stupid
Patti Dale: (poem) Standing in the vanguard/(song) Ain't that a shame (Fats Domino)
Pete Salmon: guitar tune
Alan Buckley: intro re: Cohen & Dylan/(poem) Clocks
Mark James (poems): Bleeping lovely/Freddy the squirrel/Shotover giant

Thu 2 Nov 2017

Matt Sage MC Cassandra on door Add comment

Mandy Woods (guitar songs) with Harry Buzinsky(?)(guitar):Cold night in November/It's wrong
Poppy Smallwood (guitar song): Cursed to remember or doomed to forget
Simon Davies (guitar song): The speech of the soul
Crawford Mack (guitar songs): The willow tree/Live up to
Stephen Durkan (poems?): Death (not much)/Chuang Tse's wife
Julian Sharples (guitar somgs):What's so funny bout peace love and understanding? (Nick Lowe)/Walk out backwards
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Our memories of friends/Laudanum girl
Ed Pope (poem): Immortality
Calypso: (guitar, with Greta, song) Witch hazel/(piano song) Please
Jim Driscoll (guitar songs): The long black veil (Lefty Frizzell)/I close my eyes
Simon (poems): Only change/Diamond geezer
Valentin (prose): Save it for tomorrow
Patti Dale (song): Codeine (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
Sam (poem): Ghost
Carl (prose): his grandad's farm
Charlie (guitar song): Hard time blues (?)
Dave (piano) & Dom James (sax): Everything happens to me (Matt Dennis)

Thu 9 Nov 2017

Faceometer MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Mandy Woods (guitar songs) & Harry B (pedal steel style):Just bad timing/Footprint on a heart
Tilly (=David?) (guitar songs): By the book/Lavender & clementine
Raga Woods: Trump ritual
Thomas (guitar songs): Telos/Rogers Park
Isabel (poems): Tomorrow/Sequoia
Valentin (spoken): farewell to Catweazle
Simon (poems): Nine to five/Moneyman and the moneymen
Patti Dale (songs): Write myself a letter (Ahlert & Young)/St Louis blues (Bessie Smith)
Rick Wade (piano songs): You'll be out in twenty years/Free and forgiving
Yohannes (poems): Sahara dust/By centigrades
Dom James (piano) & Poppy Smallwood (song): Cry me a river (Arthur Hamilton)/(Poppy song) Her song (Thomas Hardy/John Ireland)
Aidan (lute song): The witcher
Matt Bradshaw (guitar songs): Manifesto for the lucky/Bird on a wire (Leonard Cohen)
May (piano songs): Free/A parting waltz
Alan Buckley (poems): Truths/Viaticon
Rosie Caldecott (guitar songs): You can't judge a gardener/Old music box
Sarah (start of her novel): The capital vices
Bill Frizzell (ukelele song): Two chords
Summer (poem): Dear mother
Ed Pope (balalaika song): Beatitudes
Barney Morse-Brown: (guitar song) Hear you whisper/(cello song) Martha

Thu 16 Nov 2017

Matt Sage MC Kathryn on door Add comment

Alex Lezana (guitar songs): I failed my polygraph/Rattle
Jacob (guitar song): Long distance doesn't work
Liz (poems): Lexington Avenue (old lady)/The visitor/Loneliest whale
Simon Davies (guitar songs): Planet moody/Fly little bluebird
Dick: rope tricks with Dervla assistant
Landeran (?) (7 singers):Song of the Volga boatmen/Ten thousand miles away
Sam (poems): Man I met at house party/Strobe light off-on
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Song for Sam/Don't let the world go by
Santiago (from Argentina): Do no be fooled (spoken)/(guitar song) in Spanish
Chris (poems): Welsh tiger/Your weaknesses will find you out
Dervla (poems): On Walton Street/Wild goose chase
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): Venus flower basket
Johnny (poems): Hide and seek/Fox and hound/(guitar song) The wrote and the writ (Johnny Flynn)
Adrianea (spoken): rap about war and taking life seriously
Ed Pope (songs): It's raining/Hark hark/Pussycat/If all the world was paper/Oranges & Lemons/Lili Marleen
Dom James (piano & sax): The nearness of you (Hoagy Carmichael)/East  of the sun (Brooks Bowman)

Thu 23 Nov 2017

Matt Sage MC Kathryn on door Add comment

Moogieman (guitar & harmonica songs): Saint John/Pinhole
Tom: (guitar song) 9.45am 28th October 2010/(piano song) History
Laura (poems by Joe): Money/The B.I.R./Mouse
G-Luv (guitar song): Appreciate me
Simon (poems): Stargazing while not stepping on snails/I've survived
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Now the war is over/Laudanum girl
Jack: blues harp impro
Steve Larkin (poems): Wanker cubed/Wnarke
Andrew (piano songs): Breathe a breath of me my child/The night
Owen Collins (poems): Saddleworth/Between yesterday and tomorrow
Polly (poem): Ladybird
Ed (piano song): They gave it back
Kesiah (piano): Blue (Linda Catlin Smith)/Uma camponesa cantadeira (Heitor Villa-Lobos)
Johnny (poems): "Voice hoarse.."/"Because I had only questions.." (honesty)
Dervla (poems): Untitled Sunday/Fucked me on bathroom floor/This glass house
Sam (poems): Lonely hearts/How socialists play board games
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): Shrimp
Poppy Smallwood (guitar song) Cursed to remember or doomed to forget/(song with Hester & May) Motherless child (trad)

Thu 30 Nov 2017

Matt Sage MC Kathryn on door Add comment

Simon Davies (guitar songs): Rainy weather friends/My samba chanson
G-Luv (guitar song): Ghetto story
Laura Theis:Dating advice (story in six parts)
Benjamin (guitar songs): Far away from me/Carwash blues (Jim Croce)
Ant (guitar songs) & Ed (accordion) from the Shapes: The passing of the years/Till they put me in the ground
Lucy Duggan (tiny stories): Selling secrets/High rise horror/The final cut/Living with bluebeard/The price of ending/Skinless/Intolerable cruelty
Carl Tomlinson (poems): Waving/Coombe hill
Patti Dale (song): Lost dog (Sara Jarosz)
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Mesmerised by you/This isn't it
Moogieman & the Masochists: Lonely & silent is the night/Octavia
Johana Glaza (piano songs): Million years/Space mermaid
Aditya (poem): Understanding you
Rob (poem) & Jeremy (fiddle): The pub at six
Jeremy (fiddle tune) & Rob (percussion): Last Sunday in June
Rosie Caldecott (piano song & poem): her grandmother's garden/This dark night (by her grandmother)
Georgia (poem): Alumnus
Bill Frizzell (ukelele song): Wooden ships (Crosby, Stills & Kantner)
Dom James (piano & sax): The star spangled banner (John Stafford Smith)
Rob Sykes (poems): The intrepid man/Legacy
Faceometer (guitar songs): Six little spines/Small adventures (yet)/Everybody's fine