CATWEAZLE Thu 23 Nov 2017

Matt Sage MC Kathryn on door

Moogieman (guitar & harmonica songs): Saint John/Pinhole
Tom: (guitar song) 9.45am 28th October 2010/(piano song) History
Laura (poems by Joe): Money/The B.I.R./Mouse
G-Luv (guitar song): Appreciate me
Simon (poems): Stargazing while not stepping on snails/I've survived
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Now the war is over/Laudanum girl
Jack: blues harp impro
Steve Larkin (poems): Wanker cubed/Wnarke
Andrew (piano songs): Breathe a breath of me my child/The night
Owen Collins (poems): Saddleworth/Between yesterday and tomorrow
Polly (poem): Ladybird
Ed (piano song): They gave it back
Kesiah (piano): Blue (Linda Catlin Smith)/Uma camponesa cantadeira (Heitor Villa-Lobos)
Johnny (poems): "Voice hoarse.."/"Because I had only questions.." (honesty)
Dervla (poems): Untitled Sunday/Fucked me on bathroom floor/This glass house
Sam (poems): Lonely hearts/How socialists play board games
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): Shrimp
Poppy Smallwood (guitar song) Cursed to remember or doomed to forget/(song with Hester & May) Motherless child (trad)

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