CATWEAZLE Thu 30 Nov 2017

Matt Sage MC Kathryn on door

Simon Davies (guitar songs): Rainy weather friends/My samba chanson
G-Luv (guitar song): Ghetto story
Laura Theis:Dating advice (story in six parts)
Benjamin (guitar songs): Far away from me/Carwash blues (Jim Croce)
Ant (guitar songs) & Ed (accordion) from the Shapes: The passing of the years/Till they put me in the ground
Lucy Duggan (tiny stories): Selling secrets/High rise horror/The final cut/Living with bluebeard/The price of ending/Skinless/Intolerable cruelty
Carl Tomlinson (poems): Waving/Coombe hill
Patti Dale (song): Lost dog (Sara Jarosz)
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Mesmerised by you/This isn't it
Moogieman & the Masochists: Lonely & silent is the night/Octavia
Johana Glaza (piano songs): Million years/Space mermaid
Aditya (poem): Understanding you
Rob (poem) & Jeremy (fiddle): The pub at six
Jeremy (fiddle tune) & Rob (percussion): Last Sunday in June
Rosie Caldecott (piano song & poem): her grandmother's garden/This dark night (by her grandmother)
Georgia (poem): Alumnus
Bill Frizzell (ukelele song): Wooden ships (Crosby, Stills & Kantner)
Dom James (piano & sax): The star spangled banner (John Stafford Smith)
Rob Sykes (poems): The intrepid man/Legacy
Faceometer (guitar songs): Six little spines/Small adventures (yet)/Everybody's fine

Created by Ed Pope on Dec. 3, 2017, 4:08 p.m.
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