CATWEAZLE Thu 2 Nov 2017

Matt Sage MC Cassandra on door

Mandy Woods (guitar songs) with Harry Buzinsky(?)(guitar):Cold night in November/It's wrong
Poppy Smallwood (guitar song): Cursed to remember or doomed to forget
Simon Davies (guitar song): The speech of the soul
Crawford Mack (guitar songs): The willow tree/Live up to
Stephen Durkan (poems?): Death (not much)/Chuang Tse's wife
Julian Sharples (guitar somgs):What's so funny bout peace love and understanding? (Nick Lowe)/Walk out backwards
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Our memories of friends/Laudanum girl
Ed Pope (poem): Immortality
Calypso: (guitar, with Greta, song) Witch hazel/(piano song) Please
Jim Driscoll (guitar songs): The long black veil (Lefty Frizzell)/I close my eyes
Simon (poems): Only change/Diamond geezer
Valentin (prose): Save it for tomorrow
Patti Dale (song): Codeine (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
Sam (poem): Ghost
Carl (prose): his grandad's farm
Charlie (guitar song): Hard time blues (?)
Dave (piano) & Dom James (sax): Everything happens to me (Matt Dennis)

Created by Ed Pope on Nov. 3, 2017, 12:51 p.m.
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