CATWEAZLE Thu 26 Oct 2017

Matt Sage MC, Kathryn on door

Rory Skyster (songs): Bold Riley (trad)/Bound for south Australia (trad)
Andrew (guitar songs): (with Camilla) Cirry/On our own
Lev (guitar song): Slip away
Ruby (guitar song): If you realise
Olga Gdula (story): Alice & death
Dom James (piano, sax) & May (song, piano, guitar): Autumn leaves (Kosma/Prevert/Mercer)/Feed the birds (Sherman brothers)
Stephen Durkan (poem?): Why be anything?
Lily (guitar song): Bella ciao (trad)
Matt Sage (guitar song): This isn't it
Owen Collins (poems): Pool/On the death of Jools Holland in December
Jim Driscoll  (guitar songs): Sprig of thyme (trad)/The Greenland whale fishing (trad)
Mandy Woods (guitar songs): Satnav girl/Miniature hot dog blues
Moogieman & the Masochists (drum machine, guitar, bass, amp, songs): Provia/Agfa Clack
Lara Fairylove: Cycling/I am that I am
Chris (poem): One step from stupid
Patti Dale: (poem) Standing in the vanguard/(song) Ain't that a shame (Fats Domino)
Pete Salmon: guitar tune
Alan Buckley: intro re: Cohen & Dylan/(poem) Clocks
Mark James (poems): Bleeping lovely/Freddy the squirrel/Shotover giant

Created by Ed Pope on Oct. 28, 2017, 5:16 p.m.
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