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Thu 6 Feb 2020

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Ed Pope: Time to arise/O fuck

Thu 13 Feb 2020

Sam Taplin MC Add comment

Ed Pope: Strings in the earth and air (Ivan Pawle/James Joyce)

Thu 20 Feb 2020

Alan Buckley MC Add comment


Thu 27 Feb 2020

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Thu 5 Mar 2020

Phoebe Nicholson MC Add comment


Thu 12 Mar 2020

Matt Sage MC last Catweazle before lockdown Add comment


Thu 20 Oct 2022

at Handlebar. Matt Sage MC, Susie on door Add comment

the first Catweazle since 12 March 2020

Matt Sage: guitar song Into the Mystic (Van Morrison)
Nicole: guitar song Come out and play with me
Laura Theis: poems Lift up your eyes/Looking for wonder
Jim Driscoll: guitar songs No honey without the sting/Happiness is a butterfly
Andreas: story SEND
Sam Twigg Johnson: quattro somgs Maple seed/Last night
Josh: guitar song I've still got debt
Carl: poems Evensong Cornmarket Street/
Moogieman: guitar song Psychotronic world
Ian Trinder: guitar songs Molecules of me/From a mountainside
Stilly: poem with slides The Mezza;inna Blades
Trev Williams: guitar song dressed as poo Brown river
Simon: poems Rain after play/Weapons of peace
Anna: story & striptease First Class Offer
Rob Sykes: poems Autumn Ditty/To absent friends
Sharyn: Fuck off somewhere
Chris Floyd with Jim Driscoll: guitar songs Let's leave some traces behind/Hog killing time/Blue water
Sophie: poems Blackberries/Break glass/To state the obvious
Alan Buckley: poems Promise/Happiness
Ed Pope: mandolin songs O fuck/Worm's funeral

Thu 27 Oct 2022

It happened I wasn't there Add comment


Thu 3 Nov 2022

It happened I wasn't there Add comment


Thu 10 Nov 2022

Phoebe Nicholson MC, Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Simon Davies (guitar songs): Mustn't grumble/Community
Jordan (poem): Modern poetry
Nick (guitar song): Do you want to live?
James (poems): Fallen Price/Beige
Matt (poems): The witch's familiar/The midwife
Nick (guitar songs): Platonic/In love with all things
Madeleine (poems): Liaison/Going with motorcycles/Je vois trembler
Andreas (story):Simba
Moogieman (guitar songs): Fast lane/Psychetronic world
Stilly (poem/slideshow): The makeshift planchette
Ed Pope (mandolin song): I will break the rules for you
Steve Larkin (poem & mandola song): Superglue/Something missing
Simon (poems): Politics of fear/Supermodified
Drew (poems): Soundtrack ofr our lives/Himer Mahler/The voice of the raven
Bill Frizzell (diary): May 1979
Sam Twigg Johnson (quattro songs): You're not mine/ Live before you die