CATWEAZLE Thu 20 Oct 2022

at Handlebar. Matt Sage MC, Susie on door

the first Catweazle since 12 March 2020

Matt Sage: guitar song Into the Mystic (Van Morrison)
Nicole: guitar song Come out and play with me
Laura Theis: poems Lift up your eyes/Looking for wonder
Jim Driscoll: guitar songs No honey without the sting/Happiness is a butterfly
Andreas: story SEND
Sam Twigg Johnson: quattro somgs Maple seed/Last night
Josh: guitar song I've still got debt
Carl: poems Evensong Cornmarket Street/
Moogieman: guitar song Psychotronic world
Ian Trinder: guitar songs Molecules of me/From a mountainside
Stilly: poem with slides The Mezza;inna Blades
Trev Williams: guitar song dressed as poo Brown river
Simon: poems Rain after play/Weapons of peace
Anna: story & striptease First Class Offer
Rob Sykes: poems Autumn Ditty/To absent friends
Sharyn: Fuck off somewhere
Chris Floyd with Jim Driscoll: guitar songs Let's leave some traces behind/Hog killing time/Blue water
Sophie: poems Blackberries/Break glass/To state the obvious
Alan Buckley: poems Promise/Happiness
Ed Pope: mandolin songs O fuck/Worm's funeral

Created by Ed Pope on Oct. 29, 2022, 7:19 p.m.
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