CATWEAZLE Thu 10 Nov 2022

Phoebe Nicholson MC, Bill Frizzell on door

Simon Davies (guitar songs): Mustn't grumble/Community
Jordan (poem): Modern poetry
Nick (guitar song): Do you want to live?
James (poems): Fallen Price/Beige
Matt (poems): The witch's familiar/The midwife
Nick (guitar songs): Platonic/In love with all things
Madeleine (poems): Liaison/Going with motorcycles/Je vois trembler
Andreas (story):Simba
Moogieman (guitar songs): Fast lane/Psychetronic world
Stilly (poem/slideshow): The makeshift planchette
Ed Pope (mandolin song): I will break the rules for you
Steve Larkin (poem & mandola song): Superglue/Something missing
Simon (poems): Politics of fear/Supermodified
Drew (poems): Soundtrack ofr our lives/Himer Mahler/The voice of the raven
Bill Frizzell (diary): May 1979
Sam Twigg Johnson (quattro songs): You're not mine/ Live before you die

Created by Ed Pope on Nov. 21, 2022, 3:08 p.m.
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