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Thu 4 Jul 2019

Sam Taplin MC Justine on door Add comment

Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Here to stay/Will this do?
Lucy (poem): In the park
Stuart (harmonica songs): Remember my name/Big river
Kayla (guitar songs): Butterfly/Rollercoaster woman
Johannes (poems): Better bound/Sediment
Simon Davies (guitar songs): Time enough to embrace/English rumba
Mark Baldwin (piano songs): Tourette's/Cup of coffee
Sam Lumm: (guitar) Foreword/(guitar song) Place to be (Nick Drake)
Patti Dale (trad songs): Over the river with Charly/St Louis blues
Michele (clay didg & words)
Emily (poem): They still hate your face
Alex (cello) & Katie (songs): ?'s daughter (Kate Rusby)/Haul away Hallsands
Clarissa (story): The trouble with dragons
over Sam's phone to Matt W: Wiggly worm (Matt Winkworth)
Max Brown: (poem) Home (Maddy Godfrey)/(guitar songs) Grandfather/Mum's song
Leah: counselling snippets
Lizzie (poems): Robin Hood Bay/Massive suffering
(not Ed Pope) Sam Taplin (piano song): Dr Taplin & Mr Hyde

Thu 11 Jul 2019

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Matt Sage (guitar songs): Electric voodoo/Darkness to my door
Sam Twigg Johnson (song) & Ondrej Galuška (guitar songs): Architecture/Broken nose
Kate (guitar songs): Camping/Pack in the park
Simon Davies (guitar songs): Cri de coeur/This matter of love
Connor (piano) two pieces
Sophie & Claire (dance) four pieces
Evan McPherson from Seattle: (guitar song) It's a beautiful day/(guitar) tune
Sam Twigg Johnson (guitar), Joss (guitar), Hannah (flute): Discontent/Grumpy
Faceometer (guitar songs): Unwillingness to dance/Summerhouse
Caspar: (poem) Just kids (Patti Smith)/(song) Laura y la suerte
Simon (poems): Minddrift/Drug abuse
Chris Woods (poems): Sun in her eyes/Gangsters
Steve Larkin (poems): Peacocks sea of terriers/Woman's hour
Bill Frizzell (ukelele song): I travelled half the world to find you
Rob Sykes (poem): A Friday evening in July
The Untidy Gardeners (guitar & percussion songs): What the wind brings/Hedgehog/Pirate mower

Thu 18 Jul 2019

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Trev Williams (guitar songs): You could burn me/We will wake
Leanne (song): Still hurting (Jason Robert Brown)
Laura Theis (songs with Chris Johnson guitar): Spider in the music room/Edin-burra
Andy & Patrick (2 guitars song): Red raincoat
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): Plastic tigers
Simon (poems): Diamond geezer/Survivor
Afra Taylor (guitar songs): Red/Sixteen
Matt Sage (guitar song with Ditte Elly): Give it all away
Lola (piano songs): Best part of ../If I ain't got you
Ditte Elly (piano songs): till I fall and then I break/How many days
Mandy Woods (guitar song): Full moon over Vegas
Bill Frizzell (songs with ukelele band): Major Tom (David Bowie)/Urban Spaceman (Neil Innes)
Lucy (poem): I'm over you
Rod (guitar songs): Stop the rain/Last goodbye/Sunny ray
Lizzie (poems): 3 Coptown Close/Pavement geometry and nimble fingers
May Tumi (guitar song): She dances to the rhythm of the moon
Stewart (harmonica songs): First born child/Memory foam
Alan Buckley (poems): The elements/Cowley Road 3.30pm
Rosie Caldecott (piano song): for her sisters' twins 

Thu 25 Jul 2019

Sam Taplin MC Justine on door Add comment

Ed Pope (songs/poems): Flip flops/Cocktail straws/Darker moments
Ben (jaw harp)
Ed Harrison (piano)
Rob Sykes (poems): Dave, Jake & Al behind/Thamesside contretemps
Sam Taplin (piano songs): Mrs Henderson's tiger/Superman
Emily (story): My love - a parable
Oller (guitar songs): Hallowed earth/Dashing blade
ET (story): Black Annis
Lizzie (poems): Welcome to the hothouse/Incredible you
Sam Lumm (guitar songs): Black dog/Smoke on the green/Riverhands/Burn
Ben (jaw harp)
Rob Sykes (poem): Studland
Andrew Maling (guitar songs): Make it seem better/Nobody dreams of what they've done/Losing/Me first/Boot repair department

Thu 1 Aug 2019

Sam Taplin MC Tasnim on door Add comment

James Bell (guitar song): Nine million bicycles (Katy Melua)
Patti Dale (song): Sadie's singing low
Sam Twigg Johnson (guitar song): I miss you
David (poem): Maltese swim
Rachel Hughes (piano song): Flip side of the coin
Ali (poem): The saddest part
Stephen Durkan (poem): Unreliable narrator
Laura Theis (piano songs): Dinosaur eggs/Spider in the music room
Sam Taplin (story): Badger & the snow
Sam Lumm (guitar song): Inner city fox
Sharyn (guitar song): Fuck off somewhere
James Bell (guitar song): Nothing compares 2 U (Prince)
Owl Light Trio (Jim concertina Jane fiddle Colin guitar): Peal/5 pints of doom/My good friend
Cerulean (piano): Balloons
Reshad (poem): Learning to walk blindfolded
Sam Whitehall (poem): Dating profile
Jack (harmonica song): Man of constant sorrow (trad)
Emily (poem): To a poet (Daedalus)
Farad (poem): Too far
Hemma (poem): Prayer on my mother's tongue
Ben Smith: (mandolin song) Love vigilantes (Bernard Sumner)/(fiddle) two reels
Johannes (poem): Bestiary song
Ben (poems): Lemons/Gender
Rachel (guitar songs) & Ed Pope (songs): Unfinished songwriter's blues/Time perfect time

Thu 8 Aug 2019

Sam Taplin MC Justine on door Add comment

Patti Dale (song): Angel from Montgomery (John Prine)
Joe Hicks (guitar song): Swim
Livia (poem): Sometimes I search for you on Facebook
Oller & Mar (guitar song): Los hombres no sei ninos
Alan Buckley (poem): Seven steps on the way to enlightenment
Keith (tambourine song): Judgement day shall come
Cerulean (piano song): Way back home
Pete (accordion song): ?leave us some flowers (in Vlaams)
Jim (guitar song): Hey ho what do you know
Carl Tomlinson (poem): based on John Clare's shepherd's calendar - august
Simon Davies (guitar song): Community
Rob Sykes (poems): Waiting room (by Rob's mother)/Surplus to requirements
Louisa on cello with Sophie on viola Jules on fiddle & Ashton on piano
Johnny Fletcher (guitar song): Sweet William (trad)
Connor (guitar song): Catweazle
Lucy (poem): Bristol's wife
Stuart, Lucy & Rachel (poems): versions of This be the verse (Philip Larkin)
Jack (harmonica): Search for the third rung
Ali (poems): The saddest part/Bright summer day
Rhianne (song): She used to be mine (Sara Bareilles)
Simon (poems): Some poor cunt/Long time love
Rosie Collins (guitar song): Lucha de gigantes (Nacha Pop)
Emily (poem): Tour of duty in warrior series
Tariq Beshir (oudh) & Sophie (violin): tunes
Owl Light Trio (Jim ...

Thu 15 Aug 2019

Alan Buckley MC Justine on door Add comment

Sam Lumm of Forge Coffee, Culworth (guitar songs): Burn/Smoke on the grass
Rosie Collins (guitar song): Tellement sure
Lucy (poem): This time with the right hand
George (poems): Honest/Multitudes/Lemon/Cacophony/Solvents
Nigel Brown (guitar song): Delta guns
Lizzie (poem): Swallow me up/The nerve of it
Jason (guitar song): Don't leave me high (Radiohead)
Dommie (poem): I want change (my offline community of one)
Raph (poem): Take you to the stars
Olle (guitar songs): Dashing blade/So long Marianne (Leonard Cohen)
Caola (guitar songs): I won't give up yet/Butterfly
Ali (poems): Fuck you but have a nice day
Stuart (harmonica song): Whisky blues
Alison (poems): Lutra lutra/Aurora/Wild geese
Sharyn (guitar song): Cold clear water
Patti Dale (song) & Nigel Brown (guitar): High shelf booze (Eilen Jewell)/Wanna come home (Lesley Arden)

Thu 22 Aug 2019

Faceometer MC Justine on door Add comment

Simon Davies (guitar songs): Hazy English blues/A few songs ago
Ali (poem): Ode to self
Stuart (piano song) & Rick (harmonica): Tell the truth blues
Chris Woods (poem): Office restructuring
Carmen (writings): Nostalgic afternoon of a silent soul
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): Portrait of my mother
Laura Theis (piano song): When Wendy grew up
Olle (guitar song): Hallowed earth/Fly (Nick Drake)
Jack (song) The bonny hind/(harmonica) jewish-romany tune
Alan Buckley (poems): Filling station (Elizabeth Bishop)/The watcher and the watched
Patti Dale (song) One of those days (Eilen Jewell)/(poem) A wave of human dignity
Dommie (poems): What colour is bravery/I must remember to dream
Faceometer (guitar song): Was it for this?
Lizzie (poems): Our planet/34 degrees
Lucy (poem): Change
Faceometer (poem): Love songs in age (Philip Larkin)
Rick (piano) & his sister (flute): Back to New Orleans
Today we are bluestar (harmonica song): O Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz (Janis Joplin/McClure/Neuworth)
Los Trios Harmonicos (Jack, Rick & Stuart)

Thu 29 Aug 2019

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell & Susie on door Add comment

Raymond Burke (guitar somgs): Old man (Neil Young)/Young man
Cerulean (piano): Translucent/(piano song) Acquainted with the night (Robert Frost)
Logan Hamilton (whistle song): Set it alight
Greta (song): Take me on the water
Jeremy (poem): Richard Selig too soon
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Song for Sam/Darkness to my door
Brock & Vixen (guitars songs): She's not you/Death's golden dream
Jack (harmonica)
Ed Pope (balalaika songs): Abandon hope/Heart's desire
Patti Dale; (poem) Critical mass/(song) Why don't you do right? (Joseph McCoy)
Olle & Mar (guitars songs): Take this longing (Leonard Cohen)/swedish-catalan song
Lizzie (poems): We all lost/Dementia days
Seasons in Shorthand (guitar & songs): Typically weak/Love or a commercial break/You're the first panic attack I haven't wanted to end

Thu 5 Sep 2019

Bill Frizzell MCF Justine on door Add comment

Jack (harmonica): untitled
Jo (poems): Do not reply/Enough already/Self-harmer/Poet purge
Simon Davies (guitar songs): Time enough to embrace/Full circle
Emily (poem): Chito (Susan Lord - her mother)
Olle (guitar song): All the Spanish poets
Ali (poems): Grey/Waves
Raymond Burke (guitar song): Trouble in my way (Don Robey & Ira Tucker)
Raymond with Andrew (guitar song): If I ever got back to someone
Andrew (guitar song): Only you
Lizzy (poem): I don't know what to say
Leanne (guitar song): Cigarettes (why do I say hello?)
Stewart (piano song): Feel like a stranger
Eleanor (piano songs): Just south of the border/Can't take my eyes off of you (Bob Crewe & Bob Gaudio)
Rob Sykes (poems): Hindsight/Windowglass
Logan Hamilton (whistle song): We fall asleep
Graham (poem): An enquiry int the imagination between bellows of blood
Lucy (poem): You saw me naked
Patti Dale (poem) What's it worth?/(song) Do nothing till you hear from me (Bob Russell & Duke Ellington)
Simon (poem): FBOB
Rory Skyster & ET (song/story): Broadside (Nancy Kerr)