CATWEAZLE Thu 15 Aug 2019

Alan Buckley MC Justine on door

Sam Lumm of Forge Coffee, Culworth (guitar songs): Burn/Smoke on the grass
Rosie Collins (guitar song): Tellement sure
Lucy (poem): This time with the right hand
George (poems): Honest/Multitudes/Lemon/Cacophony/Solvents
Nigel Brown (guitar song): Delta guns
Lizzie (poem): Swallow me up/The nerve of it
Jason (guitar song): Don't leave me high (Radiohead)
Dommie (poem): I want change (my offline community of one)
Raph (poem): Take you to the stars
Olle (guitar songs): Dashing blade/So long Marianne (Leonard Cohen)
Caola (guitar songs): I won't give up yet/Butterfly
Ali (poems): Fuck you but have a nice day
Stuart (harmonica song): Whisky blues
Alison (poems): Lutra lutra/Aurora/Wild geese
Sharyn (guitar song): Cold clear water
Patti Dale (song) & Nigel Brown (guitar): High shelf booze (Eilen Jewell)/Wanna come home (Lesley Arden)

Created by Ed Pope on Aug. 22, 2019, 7:03 p.m.
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