CATWEAZLE Thu 5 Sep 2019

Bill Frizzell MCF Justine on door

Jack (harmonica): untitled
Jo (poems): Do not reply/Enough already/Self-harmer/Poet purge
Simon Davies (guitar songs): Time enough to embrace/Full circle
Emily (poem): Chito (Susan Lord - her mother)
Olle (guitar song): All the Spanish poets
Ali (poems): Grey/Waves
Raymond Burke (guitar song): Trouble in my way (Don Robey & Ira Tucker)
Raymond with Andrew (guitar song): If I ever got back to someone
Andrew (guitar song): Only you
Lizzy (poem): I don't know what to say
Leanne (guitar song): Cigarettes (why do I say hello?)
Stewart (piano song): Feel like a stranger
Eleanor (piano songs): Just south of the border/Can't take my eyes off of you (Bob Crewe & Bob Gaudio)
Rob Sykes (poems): Hindsight/Windowglass
Logan Hamilton (whistle song): We fall asleep
Graham (poem): An enquiry int the imagination between bellows of blood
Lucy (poem): You saw me naked
Patti Dale (poem) What's it worth?/(song) Do nothing till you hear from me (Bob Russell & Duke Ellington)
Simon (poem): FBOB
Rory Skyster & ET (song/story): Broadside (Nancy Kerr)

Created by Ed Pope on Sept. 18, 2019, 4:45 p.m.
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