CATWEAZLE Thu 4 Jul 2019

Sam Taplin MC Justine on door

Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Here to stay/Will this do?
Lucy (poem): In the park
Stuart (harmonica songs): Remember my name/Big river
Kayla (guitar songs): Butterfly/Rollercoaster woman
Johannes (poems): Better bound/Sediment
Simon Davies (guitar songs): Time enough to embrace/English rumba
Mark Baldwin (piano songs): Tourette's/Cup of coffee
Sam Lumm: (guitar) Foreword/(guitar song) Place to be (Nick Drake)
Patti Dale (trad songs): Over the river with Charly/St Louis blues
Michele (clay didg & words)
Emily (poem): They still hate your face
Alex (cello) & Katie (songs): ?'s daughter (Kate Rusby)/Haul away Hallsands
Clarissa (story): The trouble with dragons
over Sam's phone to Matt W: Wiggly worm (Matt Winkworth)
Max Brown: (poem) Home (Maddy Godfrey)/(guitar songs) Grandfather/Mum's song
Leah: counselling snippets
Lizzie (poems): Robin Hood Bay/Massive suffering
(not Ed Pope) Sam Taplin (piano song): Dr Taplin & Mr Hyde

Created by Ed Pope on July 10, 2019, 8:19 p.m.
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