CATWEAZLE Thu 25 Jul 2019

Sam Taplin MC Justine on door

Ed Pope (songs/poems): Flip flops/Cocktail straws/Darker moments
Ben (jaw harp)
Ed Harrison (piano)
Rob Sykes (poems): Dave, Jake & Al behind/Thamesside contretemps
Sam Taplin (piano songs): Mrs Henderson's tiger/Superman
Emily (story): My love - a parable
Oller (guitar songs): Hallowed earth/Dashing blade
ET (story): Black Annis
Lizzie (poems): Welcome to the hothouse/Incredible you
Sam Lumm (guitar songs): Black dog/Smoke on the green/Riverhands/Burn
Ben (jaw harp)
Rob Sykes (poem): Studland
Andrew Maling (guitar songs): Make it seem better/Nobody dreams of what they've done/Losing/Me first/Boot repair department

Created by Ed Pope on Aug. 2, 2019, 1:54 p.m.
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