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Thu 3 May 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Raymond Burke (guitar songs): One of us (Abba)/I want to hide myself
Laura Theis (poem): Medusa
Rip Bulkeley (poems): The firefighter (Ricky)/The ballad of John Grenfell
Rory Skyster (guitar songs) & August (songs): All the horses are dead/Ride on (Jimmy McCarthy)
Hugh Warwick (reading): from his book Linescapes about the reeves in Dartmoor
Matt Sage (guitar song): Still the machine
Rosie Caldecott (guitar songs): (with Laura vocals) Let's unwind/(with Nico clarinet) Where once there was green
Jim Driscoll (guitar songs): The river flows/Oh my the moon
Stephen Durkan (poems): Odyssey/Inferno/Lolita/I could teach you
Mercedes (dance): Dia de la Cruz flamenco
Emmy (piano song): Regina Spector
Carl Thomas (poems): Digging (Seamus Heaney)/Harvest
Löss Ganger: song in Danish about housing injustice
Jack (song): Fair Lucy
Steve Larkin (mandola song): Life is sweet
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): Housemates
Limpet Spacerace: LSD?
Ed Pope: LMS saga
Chris (guitar songs): Shifting sands/Get behind me Satan

Thu 10 May 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Nigel Brown (guitar song): I dream of you
Mandy (song) with Nigel (guitar): Midnight blue
Raymond Burke (guitar song): Going home
Barney (song) with Raymond (guitar): Unchained melody (Hy Zaret/Alex North)
Laura Theis (poems): The fat black spider/The haughty gardener
Simon Davies (guitar songs): This matter of love/Sombre bossanova
Good Canary (piano songs): Sing (Dresden Dolls)/The art of losing
Wayne (of Fit & the Connections) (guitar song): Chez teen chaque soir
Chris Woods (poems): Vegetarian fox
Jim Driscoll (guitar song): Sweet Thames flow softly (Ewan McColl)
James Bell (guitar songs): The sheep stealer (trad)/It's not Leonard Cohen
Duo Cane (guitar & 5 voices): Bella Ciao (trad)
Jack Durtnall (guitar song): The swell of the tide
Rosie Caldecott (songs with band Jack, Nico, Jakes, Jay, Eddie): Find me underground/Gardener
Simon Rees: duduk solo/santoor solo
Patti Dale (song) with Nigel (guitar): Angel from Montgomery (John Prine)
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): Rats
Matt Sage (guitar song): To my darling daughter
Jay Samaway (guitar songs with band): Rocks/Away o my lassie o away
Ed Pope (balalaika song): Snail
Limpet Spacerace: Can't get you back to you/about houses and moving

Thu 17 May 2018

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Matt Sage (guitar song): Don't let the world go by
Raymond Burke (guitar song): Everybody's telling me where to go
Barney (song) & Raymond (guitar): Sometimes when we touch (Dan Hill/Barry Mann)
Lisa (of the Wonderwheels) (guitar song): Meet the animal/The morning man
Wild Phoenix (guitar & bongos): Better day
Simon Rees (duduk) & Carla (charango) tune & Simon (santoor) tune
Katy (guitar song): Fear of snakes
Kiska (astrology poem): Gold & shit/Psychotic ayahuasca
Tim (guitar): tune
Rosie Caldecott (poem): Spring (Moira Caldecott)/(piano) O how we talk now
Sophie, Marie & Hannah (dance): to recorded Destiny
Rory Skyster (song): At the dawning of the day
Bill Frizzell (true story): Eddie
Jacob (guitar song): Sins of my father (Tom Waits)
Owen Collins (poems): Unmade/Carbon monoxide detector
Patti Dale (song) & Nigel Brown (guitar): The flood (Eilen Jewell)
ET (story): The night shift worker
Kate (guitar song): Science is hard (tune of What's up?)
Alan Buckley (poems): Mingus at the Showplace (Bill Matthews)/Divination

Thu 24 May 2018

Alan Buckley MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Fire & ice (Robert Frost)
Moogieman (guitar songs): Pinhole/Agfa clack
Rory Skyster (songs): To hear the nightingale sing/Haul away Joe
Zenna (poems): Who am i?/Friends of summer
Mrs Darwin (Carol Ann Duffy)
ET (story): The night shift worker (part two)
Simon Davies (guitar songs): At one with the sunrise/Contented and free
Pauline (poems): the band that slept on my floor/Patti Smith and the rules for life
Bill Frizzell (ukelele story): Happiness Stan (Small Faces & Stanley Unwin)
Epitaph on an unfortunate artist (Robert Graves)
Gemma (banjo songs) & Nat (guitar songs): Sorry Simon better off this way/Don't slam the door
Epilogue (Grace Nichols)
Laura Theis (xylophone?) & Chris Johnson (guitar): If you want to sing out (Cat Stevens)
Laura Theis (poem): Recipe
Chris Woods (poems): Argument about yoghurt/Vegetarian fare
Lights out (Hugo Williams)
Katy (guitar songs): I don't mind/Hold me close from afar
Owen Collins (poems): Loophole/Sir Elton John
To a friend in search of rural seclusion (Christopher Logue)
Patti Dale (songs): More than you know (Vincent Youmans, Billy Rose, Edward Eliscu)/One of those days (Eilen Jewell)
On going to meet a Zen master and not finding him (Don Paterson)
Luke Keegan (guitar songs): Iron out my heart/Sarah's song

Thu 31 May 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Luzia (song) & Anders (guitar): song in Lithuanian/500 miles (Hedy West?)
Mandy Woods (guitar song): Tangled locks/Miniature hot dog blues
Jack Tusted (guitar song): Windmills
Matt Sage (guitar song): Darkness to my door
Carl Thomas (poem): The things that can only be found in the darkness on the edge of town
Frances "Good Canary" (piano song): A little bit less than impossible
Crawford Mack_ (guitar songs): A love I can't live up to/Turning
Raga Woods: Sheela-na-gig alleluia
Sam Taplin (piano song): Radical woman (Ed Pope)/(song with Chris Johnson guitar) Mrs Henderson's tiger
Cinder Well (fiddle, viola, guitar, double bass songs): Through the tendons/Brittle bones
Simon Davies (guitar song): Hazy english blues
Patti Dale (song with Mandy Woods on mouth harp): St James infirmary blues
Alan Buckley (poems): Flaming June/In the garden of a Rinzai temple
Rosie Caldecott (guitar song): No need for roses
Tim (piano): Ode to the pounding rain
Raymond Burke (guitar song): After you come from the mental hospital
Matt Sage (guitar song): King of everything
Ed Pope (song): Ginger you're barmy (Fred Murray)

Thu 7 Jun 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Matt Sage (guitar songs): Darkness to my door/Rivers of compassion
Rick Wade (piano songs): I want to be more free and forgiving/You'll be out in twenty years
Aura (story & song): Luanaganmerebrandem (Finnish)
Simon (poems): Workstation no 7/Misappropriation
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Third cup of cocoa/One more disturbance
Christopher (poem): Pioneers
Rosie Caldecott (guitar song): Underground/We could have a meadow by now
James Bell (guitar songs): Scarborough fair (in major key)/I am on my way (Ed Sheeran)
Dave from Nottingham (poems): 12 haiku June to May
Matt Sage (guitar song): When you walk into the room
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): Methuselah
Henry Blyth (piano impro)
Alan Buckley (poems): Space/St Kevin & the blackbird (Seamus Heaney)
Ed Pope (balalaika song): Elves of grey

Thu 14 Jun 2018

Matt sage MC Justine on door Add comment

Moogieman (guitar songs): Mr Curator/44 sunsets
May Tumi (piano song): Free/(song) Wild mountain thyme
Trevor Williams (debate on mental health/(guitar song) Crying in silence
Christopher (poem): Loving someone who doesn't love you
Michelle (from Bedford on wistfullywoo & spirralywoo): Nurture your seed
Chris Woods (poems): Love in the office/Dealing with depression
Paul Jackson (sitar & song): tune/Immaculate
Poppy Smallwood (guitar songs) with May: Look at miss Ohio (Gillian Welch)/When the rain falls
Patti Dale (poem): A human revolution/(song with Nigel Brown guitar) Angel from Montgomery (John Prine)
Alicia (poem): Kung fu
Matt Sage (guitar songs): This isn't it/Don't let the wiorld go by
Simon (poem): Ineffable
Laura Theis (piano) & Chris Johnson (guitar) (songs): Fake palindromes (Andrew Bird)/Defy Cupid/Spider in the music room



Thu 21 Jun 2018

Matt Sage MC Kathryn on door Add comment

Tilly (guitar songs):Lavender & clementine/To be
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Darkness to my door/O my baby daughter
James (guitar songs): Ohia (Jason Molina)/I should be someone else
Rosie Caldecott (guitar songs): Woodstock (Joni Mitchell)/Hold me near
Claire Ewbank (poems): Inside outside/Lie down
Andrew Smith (guitar songs): Every point of the compass/Rock pool
Patti Dale (song with Nigel guitar): Mary (Patti Griffith)
Nigel Brown (guitar songs): Where will I find refuge now?/Old Madrid
Laura Theis: (story) The clockmaker's daughter/(piano song) It's summertime
Vincent Lynch (stand up)
Max Brown (guitar songs): My father's son/Iris/Kissing a fool (George Michael)

Thu 28 Jun 2018

Sam Taplin MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Sam Taplin interspersed quotes from Chronicles of the Forest, Tim O'Brien, Robert Graves, Roger McGough, Christopher Logue &c
James Bell (guitar songs): Let me entertain you (Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)/Natureboy (eden ahbez)
Stephen Durkan (poem): What are you doing in the supermarket Trevor?
Christina (guitar songs): Hats/If I were a filmmaker
Alan Buckley (poems): An english odyssey/City horses
Patti Dale (songs w. Nigel Brown guitar): Sadie's singing low/Wanna come home (Leslie Arden)
Annie Bennett (poem): Under arrest
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Third cup of cocoa/So sad today
Clare Lemaster (guitar songs): Lego/Grave
Josephine: (guitar song) You got the love (Stephens/Harris/Bellamy)/(piano song) ? Real love (John Lennon) ?
Andrew Smith (guitar songs): Me first/Breathe easy
Dada Paradox (guitar, melodica songs): Find ways to matter/The apocalypse cheering committee
Laura Theis (song w. Chris Johnson guitar): How to spot a traitor by his careless behaviour towards beans
Mavish Khan (poem): I say yes
Mandy (song w. Nigel Brown guitar): Cornered
Lucy Duggan (novel extract): The Carbonel club
Chris Woods (poem): The new girl had some new ideas
Sophia (poems): ?/Reassembly/Orbit?
Ben Smith (fiddle) & James Bell (guitar): tune/ Jack Robinson, Algiers, Old Tom of Oxford

Thu 5 Jul 2018

Faceometer MC Justine on door Add comment

Peter (guitar songs): I wish I was who I appear/Flood of your tears
Phoenix (songs): The world they want to create/Top of the city
Simon Davies (guitar songs): As one with the sunrise/A few songs ago
Charlie (poem): Perfect poltergeist
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): words from "Look at me" by Anita Brookner/Working on the Kane gang
Owen Collins (poems): EDL/Suitable for other commercial uses
Alan Buckley (poems): Love like water (Julia Cope?)/Water like love
Emmy: (poem) All there is from now on is liquid/ (piano) tune
Laughing Lamb (guitar songs): Elderflower tree/Collecting plates
Athena: off the cuff
Ed Pope: I love you and don't you forget it (Stillman/Mancini)/Inchworm (Frank Loesser)
Faceometer (guitar songs): Underneath the plum/The one part prelude
Callum (poem): This love poem
Jess (poems): Ego on fire/Your salt angers my lips
Lee (song) & Liam (piano) 6th anniversary: Shel Silverstein poem/No more air to breathe