CATWEAZLE Thu 21 Jun 2018

Matt Sage MC Kathryn on door

Tilly (guitar songs):Lavender & clementine/To be
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Darkness to my door/O my baby daughter
James (guitar songs): Ohia (Jason Molina)/I should be someone else
Rosie Caldecott (guitar songs): Woodstock (Joni Mitchell)/Hold me near
Claire Ewbank (poems): Inside outside/Lie down
Andrew Smith (guitar songs): Every point of the compass/Rock pool
Patti Dale (song with Nigel guitar): Mary (Patti Griffith)
Nigel Brown (guitar songs): Where will I find refuge now?/Old Madrid
Laura Theis: (story) The clockmaker's daughter/(piano song) It's summertime
Vincent Lynch (stand up)
Max Brown (guitar songs): My father's son/Iris/Kissing a fool (George Michael)

Created by Ed Pope on June 28, 2018, 5:13 p.m.
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