CATWEAZLE Thu 28 Jun 2018

Sam Taplin MC Bill Frizzell on door

Sam Taplin interspersed quotes from Chronicles of the Forest, Tim O'Brien, Robert Graves, Roger McGough, Christopher Logue &c
James Bell (guitar songs): Let me entertain you (Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers)/Natureboy (eden ahbez)
Stephen Durkan (poem): What are you doing in the supermarket Trevor?
Christina (guitar songs): Hats/If I were a filmmaker
Alan Buckley (poems): An english odyssey/City horses
Patti Dale (songs w. Nigel Brown guitar): Sadie's singing low/Wanna come home (Leslie Arden)
Annie Bennett (poem): Under arrest
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Third cup of cocoa/So sad today
Clare Lemaster (guitar songs): Lego/Grave
Josephine: (guitar song) You got the love (Stephens/Harris/Bellamy)/(piano song) ? Real love (John Lennon) ?
Andrew Smith (guitar songs): Me first/Breathe easy
Dada Paradox (guitar, melodica songs): Find ways to matter/The apocalypse cheering committee
Laura Theis (song w. Chris Johnson guitar): How to spot a traitor by his careless behaviour towards beans
Mavish Khan (poem): I say yes
Mandy (song w. Nigel Brown guitar): Cornered
Lucy Duggan (novel extract): The Carbonel club
Chris Woods (poem): The new girl had some new ideas
Sophia (poems): ?/Reassembly/Orbit?
Ben Smith (fiddle) & James Bell (guitar): tune/ Jack Robinson, Algiers, Old Tom of Oxford

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