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Thu 20 Apr 2023

Matt Sage MC Add comment

Matt Sage: Still the Machine/Outlaws
Ed: Night club/Comes right back
Patti Dale: Happiness/Fag Ash Lil
Simon Chambers: Divine Right of Kings
Tony Bicat: Vegan biscuit/Red fire/Bird dream/Pickle's dilemma/Lazzie the fly
Simon Davies: One with the sunrise/Samba Chanson
Sam Twigg: By the dozen/Here when it rains/Welling
Ed Pope: Cold grey season/Starry-eyed
Archie: Ain't no end to loving you/Secular comedy
Grant: Hyacinth
Rob Smallwood: Trees/Magic Theatre/poem/Pole Star
Owen Collins: NFT Excel?/Jesus' state visit/GCHQ
John (piano): Lahdedah (Jake Thackeray)/Oranges
Remzi: Hungry ghosts/?
Bill Frizzell: Fuck all those perfect people (Chip Taylor)
Matt Sage: Wild and free

Thu 27 Apr 2023

I think it happened but I wasn't there Add comment


Thu 4 May 2023

Alan Buckley MC Add comment

Adam: Fogarty's Cove/Little boats sway
Gavin: Duty/Goddess?
Ed (poems): Eng,Fr, Ger of nights/No wind
Bill Frizzell (uke): Rock me baby/Feelings gone (Gordon Lightfoot)
Becky: Mushrooms/ithankfully
Maria & Johnny: (poem) You remind me/Rivers and roads (The Head & The Heart)
Rob Smallwood: Chromosomes/Who dares wins/Wrong in Paris
Ed Pope: Greenwood town/Mirror of Pearl
Vin & Sam: Another universe/Mind-numbing television
Stephen Durkan: Let's get strange/Washing dishes/Mad wi' it
Chris & Mark: Little cabin home (bluegrass)/My love and I will part
Mina Hassan: poem/yesterday's/too bright
Alan Buckley: Your heart (ghazal)
Patti Dale: 12th of never (Johnny Mathis)/More than you know

Thu 11 May 2023

Matt Sage MC, Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Moogieman: A, B or C?
Simon Davies: Unacceptable/What will remain of us is love
Johnny: guitar instrumental/I don't feel anything
Laura Theis (piano): I'm a liar/Masochistic time machine
Steve Larkin: Linda/Serious youth violence
Louise: I only want to say goodbye (uke)/Good day coming (guitar)
Liz: Sex began in 63/Two roads converged
Matt Sage: Song for Sam/?
Ed Pope: Parvati/Demon dealt
Owen Collins: CO2 detector/Catweazle
Edwards & Fieldhouse (piano & guitar): Way to Babylon/In the forest
Remzi: Grandma's death
Phoebe Nicholson: A portrait of my mother
John (piano): I can't help falling (Elvis)/?
Bill Frizzell: The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Gordon Lightfoot)
Simon Chambers: What cost?/Look inside
Patti Dale: Summertime/St Louis Blies
Tony Bicat: Elegy for J G Ballard/Pripyat/Under a blanket of blue/Racist

Thu 5 Oct 2023

In Common Ground Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Matt Sage: Sitting here looking fpr a little/(with Joel on drums) Wanton grace
Mandy Woods: Juke box/Pragmatic - ecstatic
Carl Tomlinson: (poems) Matriculation lunch/Pastoral
Simon Davies (Colin Fletcher on bass): Community/Not the end of the world
Tony Bicat (poems): Sorry/Vauxhall helicopter Zeus/Sacred
Aida (stand-up comedy)
Steve Larkin (poems): Because capitalism/(with Joel, Colin, Simon, Matt Sage, Matt Morton) Post-colonial global blues
Sila (guitar song): In the still of night
Rob Sykes (poems): Ardrossan/Windowglass/Autumn decay
Ian (guitar songs): My triumphant death/How strange the unconscious mind
Stilly: The Chiltern Hundreds
Matt Chanarin: Lucky life/Autumn Oxford rains
Andrew: Bojo/Truss v Sunak
Ed Pope: Rotting apples/Bottle of fear man
Holy Fools (Jim & Chris): Everything shall fall from me/Hog killing time
Lara Fairylove: Never give up on yourself (Patti Dale)
Patti Dale: Crazy (Patsy Cline)
Alan Buckley (poems): Failing to capture beauty/Prayer
Bill Frizzell: Catta-weazle Choo-Choo
Papa Nui (Matt Morton, Dom, trumpet, trombone, guitar, Joel on drums): Babalon/Do you get the joke?/Feet are getting hot

Thu 2 Nov 2023

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Tom (keyboard): Gibbous moon/The enemy
Ginny (poems): Hair anxiety/Alderman's
Jim Driscoll (guitar): I know my time ain't long/ Death don't have no mercy (Rev Gary Davis)
Rob (guitar): The sorrowful ghost/Aunty Mary's Conspiracy Theories
Tony Bicat (poems): Sitar/Cold wind over Hadrian's Wall/?
Kate Mohideen & ? (vocals): Heaven knows where we are going/ & Rabhya, Ann, Jane: Follow the heron home
Matt Sage (guitar): Street ballerina/Song for Sam
May Tumi (guitar): A light in the dark/Everybody needs somebody sometimes
Rob Sykes (poems): Autumn divination/An interral
St James Simgers (5 male vocals): Steal away/The weatherman
Moogieman (synth & vocals): Fall
Lloyd (vocal): Those who do not share your views
Owen Collins (poem): Bye bye bollock
Archie (guitar): Mary, Mary
Bill Frizell & Pete (ukes & vocals): That's all right/Bird is the word
Stilly (poems & drawings): The heartless bantling/The Zugzwang quartet
Patti Dale (poem & song): The status of a chair/ Codeine (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
Ben (guitar & audience harmonies): Rest of my life
Gommie (poem): I am in tears by the tears
Ed Pope (balalaika): Psalm 137

Thu 7 Dec 2023

Matt Sage MC Bill Frizzell on door Add comment

Matt Sage (poem): Talking turkey (Benjamin Zephaniah)
Ukesnaily (ukelele songs): babe?/Inside your nan
Tony Bicat (poem): Christian cuntry
Kate Mohideen & Michael (song): Know you better (Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran)
Emma (poems): Best friend/Belonging
Callum & Harris (guitar songs): Botany Bay/Arthur McBride
Rob (guitar & harmonica song): Heroes have all gone/To my granddaughter
Simon Chambers (poems): Armed police for breakfast/Good will to all
Phoebe Nicholson (poems):
Moogieman (synth song): Saint John
Andy (rapper):
Sila (guitar song): Hurt (Johnny Cash)
Rick Wade (guitar song): Cornish pirates
George Roberts (poems): Andy/From the river to the sea
Laura Theis (poems): Looking up/See how the good world still holds you
Patti Dale (poem): The pioneers of humanity
John (keyboards):
Bill Frizzell (poem): Christmas (Benjamin Zephaniah)
Edward Charles (poem): War and Peace (Tolstoy condensed)
Matt Sage (guitar song): Go in peace
Owen Collins (poem): Human in the hi-viz
Lara Fairylove (ukelele song): Stronger together
Alan Buckley (poems): Wine of clouds/Dad
David Steel (guitar songs): This song isn't here/Nothing in the end/Zebedee/Thought it would stay in my head/I can't believe
Ed Pope (keyboard song): Gay weddings

Thu 4 Jan 2024

Matt Sage MC, Bill Frizzell & Lara on door Add comment

Matt Sage (guitar songs): Street ballerina/King of broken dreams
Nick (keyboard): Spinning yarn/Staying with the trouble
Yaz (poems): Side effects of disability/bubbles? (Kate Tempest)
Harris (song): Load of bricks
George Roberts (poem): Donuts in High Street
Jungha? (poems): Luna/Outlines of a faded future
Lara (ukelele songs): As wave is to the sea/Like stars I'll shine
Keisa (keyboard song): ce soir, amour?
Kate Mohideen & Mike (guitar song): The last time (Taylor Swift?)
Rohanna (poems): Shy about my writing/Right for the table
Ed Pope (song): Ginger you're barmy ((Harry Champion)
Scampy (guitar songs duo): Diamonds/Nobody is lonely in heaven
Carl (poems): Rowan/Seed catalogue
Andrew (song): Brouhaha (Beastie Boys)
Owen Collins (poems): Shipping forecast/Missing a bauble
Jack (harmonica song): Misplaced love
John (keyboard song): love...
Simon Chambers (poems): Memories/Remembered
Patti Dale (poem): Transformation
Sila (guitar): Flow state
Alan Buckley (poems): Outsiders/Wolves (Louis Macniece)
Daniel (beatboxing)
Bill Frizzell (ukelele &c): On the railways/City of spires (Kintyre, Denny Laine)

Thu 1 Feb 2024

Matt Sage MC Lara Fairylove on door Add comment

Matt Sage (guitar song): Stronger together
Diana (piano song): Wave of the universe
Maya (guitar songs):Snow globe/Part-time
Ben (guitar song): So much of what I really want/for his niece
Carl (poems): Extra time/Beck and wind
Rowan (poems): My pen/Glass of beer
Miranda (piano song): Comes down to you
Gommie (poems): Plastic creature/free poems
Mars (poems): Peel potatoes/Dream of sunken cities/Gentle click
Mike Harris (guitar songs): Breakdown at breakneck speed/Thankyou
Moogieman (synthesiser song): Miniatur Wunderland
Rosie Collins (guitar songs): The blues are all the same/O mistress mine! (W Shakespeare)
Tony Bicat (poems): Bethlehem/February 29th, Patrick, Brigid
Ian (guitar song): For Tim, kiss you better
Sila (jambay song): Wole bengyma
Owen Collins (poems): Samba magic/Fortnum & Mason
Nick (poem): Modern man
Beth (poem): Most real I've ever felt
Lara Fairylove(ukelele song): K's not your friend/The rose of rebellion
Kate Mohideen (guitar song): Updated diggers' song (Leon Rosselson)
Alan Buckley (poems): Ars poetica (Mark Doherty)/Tattoo
Patti Dale (song): Trust in you
Ukesnaily (ukelele song): When you have a mouth and an anus

Thu 15 Feb 2024

Matt Sage MC Lara Fairylove on door Add comment

Matt Sage (song): She moved through the fair
Yasmin (poem): What went wrong?
Miranda (piano songs): My happy song/The merry go
Nick (guitar songs): The book of life-work/Thought with one
Lisa (poems): Love song to myself/It will be nice (her mother)
Will (poem): Amalgam
Sam Twigg (quattro songs): Maple seed/Sing as if you know the tune
Rowan (poems): The setting/My stammer wakes up with me
John (piano songs): The -er/Plant song
Vincent Lynch (stand-up)
Max (guitar songs): Stranded (lyrics by his friend)/In real time
Andy (poem): To the earth
George Roberts (poem): My heart's in a hole
Laura Theis (poems): Am eisen ver-?/Birdsong
Lara Fairylove (ukelele song): K's not your friend
Fran (poems): Notes on belonging/To return
Daniel (beatbox)
Patti Dale (song): St Louis blues (Bessie |Smith)
Ed Pope (song): Our sister Venus