CATWEAZLE Thu 1 Dec 2016

Matt Sage MC Catherine on door

May: (guitar, songs) Lovers & lyrics/Always a spark to light up the dark
Simon Davies: (guitar, songs) So long starshine/The gift of living day
Mandy Woods: (guitar, songs) Footprint on a heart/Used to be I didn't have a clue
Megan (song) & Eden (piano): Take me baby (Rent) for World Aids Day
Olga Gdula; You don't have to fight this battle alone/The end of the world
Matt Sage: (guitar, songs) That's when you begin/Song for Sam
George Roberts: (poems) The wild side of easy street/Tough old rose (for Sandy Kennedy)/In the closing of the year
Carole: La Vie en Rose/L'Ame de mote?
Andrew Freidin: (flute) circle of raga music?
Dominique: (jazz piano) Blackbird (Paul McCartney)
Andy: (piano)
Patti Dale: (song) One grain of sand (Pete Seeger)
Rob: (poems) The students are back/Do's and dont's?
Simon: (poems) Robots/Long time love (Mary Jane)
Raymond Burke: (guitar, songs) Breaking up is hard to do (Howard Greenfield)/Do you want to fuck?

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 13, 2017, 6:39 p.m.
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