CATWEAZLE Thu 24 Nov 2016

Matt Sage MC ? on door

Richard Gipps: (piano, songs) Andromeda (Gerald Manley Hopkins)/The complaint
Carl: Autumn leaves/Walking in walking out
Laura (song) & Pete (guitar): You keep the world at bay (for me)
Andy: Crocodile (playing accordion on Russian train)/Mermaids
Olga Gdula: I want a hippie
Stephen Durkan: What did you expect? (suave cunt)
Matt Sage & Barney Morse Brown: Laudanum girl/You are the queen (Pablo Neruda)
Steve Larkin: (poem & song, mandolin) Funny old game/Can we be friends
Raymond Burke: (guitar, song) I'm a loser/Remember to forget
Nicholas (Brazilian): (piano) No posso fecar (Arturi Nambergosai?)
Maria (song) & Richard (guitar): a well known pop song I didn't know
Sharyn: It's my blessing, it's my curse
Alex & Jess (violin): Dying town/Ballad of Mary Best
Gabriel (from Totnes): (piano) Lancelot
Barney Morse Brown: (Victoria crew?) Step inside this winter hall/To call for hands up above to lean on wouldn't be good enough

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 14, 2017, 7:39 p.m.
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