CATWEAZLE Thu 31 Jan 2019

Matt Sage MC, Justine on door

Jim Driscoll (guitar songs): While i ain't got you/Dear god don't let philosophers be kings
Pitt (guitar song): They built a wall
Ronya & Anna (piano song): Poker face (Lady Gaga)
Ed Pope (balalaika song): Apple (Andy Letcher)
Karina from Portugal (prose): ? rescue/Misepiphany
James Bell (guitar songs): I know there's a word for this (Aimée Mann)/Kiss (Prince)
Five Fathoms Deep (Jack guitar, Alice songs, Danny accordion): Secret shade of grey/Grand opening
Clarence (piano song): ?
Lana aka Lakiko (cello songs): ?/I wanted to...
Matt Sage (guitar song): Just another moonlit mile (Mick Jagger)
Nick (guitar song): Come into your presence
Alexandra (song): in Romanian about love and time
Dan Ofer (piano): On the barge 3
Bill Frizzell (banjolele song): Boomer's story
Bruce Hegearty (poems): Odd socks/Nature through and through
Patti Dale: (poem) What's it worth?/(song) Tecumseh Valley (Towns van Zandt)
Danny (guitar & harmonica song): Fairview
Chris Floyd (guitar songs): Plato is the devil/Loveland

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 1, 2019, 3:22 p.m.
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