CATWEAZLE Thu 20 Dec 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door

Moogieman (guitar & harmonica song): Saint John
James Bell (guitar song) & Patti Dale (song): Make it go away (Holly Cole)
Alana (piano songs): Sinner man (trad)/Lilac wine (James Shelton)
N T Music (Noah piano & Tomas guitar): Rudolf the red nosed reindeer (Johnny Marks)/Feelin' good
Ukesnaile (ukelele songs): When I'm smearing windows (apologies George Formby)
Chris Floyd (guitar songs): Momma kissing Santa Claus/Sweet is the fate
Owen Collins (poems): It'll all be over by Christmas/The day the ham came home
Sam Twigg Johnson (song): Take me into your company
Bill Frizzell & Moogieman (act): Collins Nutshell Tape Recording & Hifi
Tom Baxter (guitar songs): It's better/Really living
Jack (harmonica) & Emily (poem): Visitor of velvet paws
Jack (guitar song): Midnight
Rebecca (poems): Sunbathing/Toboggan/Spiralling (e.e.cummings)
Lizzie (poem): A joy (origami sphere)
Matt Sage (guitar songs) & Rosie Caldecott (songs): Go in peace/The lost gardens
Alan Buckley (poems): Now through England's realm (from Sir Gawain & the Green Knight)/Solstice sex/ Eyeore seasonal greeting (Helena Nelson)
Stilly (slide show); The absent turkey/Randolph the red nosed penguin
Ed Pope (balalaika song): Gay weddings

Created by Ed Pope on Jan. 6, 2019, 2:49 p.m.
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