CATWEAZLE Thu 7 Feb 2019

Steve Larkin MC Justine on door

Simon Davies (guitar songs): Planet moody/East come easy go
NT Music (Noah piano, Tomas guitar):Walking in the air/?
Ria (poems): My nan/Soldiers/Mark Darcy
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): Stay beside me/(with Tony vocals) Let it be (Paul McCartney)
Abby (story): Charity shop murder/Hungry vultures/When silence screams
Lee (guitar song): The ballad of the bearded few
Jamie (magic for smiles): balloon eating
Steve Larkin - guess the chord competition
Andy & Patrick (2 guitars songs): Plotting your escape/Who cares/Slip of the tongue
Chris Wood (poems): The girls are shopping
Christina (guitar songs): Alone (Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly)/My baby had to go
Ken Rich (poems): Valentine haiku/Basingstoke/Newbury
Jo Mowat (songs): i don't want to cry anymore (Victor Sherzinger)/Ball and chain (Janis Joplin)
Pippa Wainwright (poem): What happens when you pretend something
Graham (poems): Why east wind chills/Being but men (both by Dylan Thomas)
Tony: (guitar song) I don't know what you're thinking/(poem) They fuck you up (apologies to Philip Larkin)
Lizzie (poem): Horrid little thing
Steve Larkin (mandolin song): Original sin

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 20, 2019, 7:53 p.m.
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