CATWEAZLE Thu 6 Dec 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door

Simon Davies (guitar songs): No way José/Cupid's got a gun
Nicky (poem): Inner child
Hafiz (guitar song): Leo Tolstoy wrote War and Peace
Missy (guitar song): Hated for being who you are (Scapegoat)
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Laudanum girl/The right thing
Frank (poems): Moving on/Growing up/Homeless man
James Walkelin (guitar songs): Weathered/Glad you never loved me too
Raymond Burke (guitar songs): November love/Don't worry you know I'll survive
Joe (poems): Swingset/Reef
Graham (poems): Sliding windows/The crow road
James (guitar songs): Take me to your river/Ride on (Jimmy MacCarthy)
Tim (poem): by Alexander Pushkin, in Russian and English
Steve Larkin (poem) Wash more
Emily (poems): Tantricked/Piecemeal
Ollie (poem): So I had this meal that was 21 courses

Created by Ed Pope on Jan. 6, 2019, 2:11 p.m.
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