CATWEAZLE Thu 25 Oct 2018

Matt Sage NC Bill Frizzell on door 24th birthday

Ed Pope (poem): To live at all (Mervyn Peake)
Dom Faber (piano) & Patti Dale (song): Autumn leaves (Jacques Prévert/Joseph Kosma)
Alex (guitar songs): Are we alone?/Just around the bend
Gigi (guitar song): I say a little prayer (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)
Carl Tomlinson (poems): I was a wartime censor (Christopher Deweese)/Inklings
Moogieman (story): KadiskaMuStella club
Brock (guitar song) & Vixen (song): Forever a boy
Clare Lemaster: (poem) Don't ever change/(guitar song) Done
Aroa: Wherefore art thou Romeo? (William Shakespeare)
Roddy Harris (guitar songs): (Julia singing)Ain't nobody's business (Porter Grainger et al)/Hillside moon/The sick white swan
Dom Faber (piano song): Till there was you (Meredith Willson)
Jack: harmonica blues impro
Emma (guitar song): Maybe someday i'll be fine
Owen Collins (poem): for Catweazle
Will Mason (guitar songs) with Pete Salmond (guitar): On the chin/Moving on
ET: non-binary marriage
Ivar (guitar song): Chariot
Ben (poems): Displacement (Diane Preston)/Illumination
Bill Frizzell: 24 years of Catweazle
Emily (poems); Touch the door/A travelogue
Matt Sage (guitar songs): Go in peace/(with Clare Lemaster singing) Who knows where the time goes?(Sandy Denny)


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