CATWEAZLE Thu 22 Nov 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door

Matt Sage (guitar songs): Darkness to my door/Song for Sam
Trevor Williams (piano songs): We don't believe it's impossible/Dragon
Leah (poem): If (Rudyard Kipling)
Emily (song): Shine on harvest moon
Alan Buckley (poems): Crossing the border/Sitting on the pavement outside the Camden Falcon
Simon Davies (guitar songs): Safe beneath the sun/Make it so
Raph (poem also read by Gilly): Poem for mum
Alex (guitar songs): The bonny shoals of herring (trad)/Back home
Deans (piano) & his brother Ray (Poems): Raise me skills/Kick one
Chris Woods (poems): The bowmen of England/Remembrance day
Emma (guitar songs): Time to let it go/A reason to believe
Lizzie (poem): Leonard's medicine for the mind
Moogieman (guitar song): Mr Curator
Owen Collins (poems): Equinox/Bridge restaurant
Patti Dale: (poem) Peace poem/(song) I've got it bad (Duke Ellington)
Paul Jackson (guitar songs): Real eyes realise real lies/Put your blame on you/Time

Created by Ed Pope on Nov. 28, 2018, 1:24 p.m.
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