CATWEAZLE Thu 4 Oct 2018

Faceometer MC Justine on door

Chris (guitar songs): Dead flowers (Jagger/Richards)/I want you back (The Corporation)
Wild Phoenix (guitar songs with Sam on bongos): Take me away/Better day
Francesca (piano songs): Postgrad blues/My days of loving you are through
Keira (poem): No mans neverland
Bill Frizzell: (poem) Seacow (Bill, Amber & Ruby)/White rabbit (Grace Slick)
Faceometer (poem): Good bones (Maggie Smith)
Rebecca (poems): A cacophony of coffee/Kaleidoscope/Instrument of your peace (Francis of Assissi)
Brock (guitar songs) with Vixen (songs): Lady Franklin's Lament (trad)/Forever a boy
Lorna (guitar songs): In a circle with you/When you were mine (Prince)
Laura Theis (poem): The clockmaker's daughter
Micky (guitar songs) with Helen (songs): Someone else/Butterfly on a wheel
Ed Pope: (balalaika song) Reel in the flickering light (Colm Gallagher) with Faceometer & Laura dancing/(song) Needlehole
Prince Jacob (poems): Poetically sick/In my head there's a poem ringing
Phoebe Nicholson (poem): Harvest
Faceometer (poem): The mad gardener's song (Lewis Carroll)
Ben (poems): Around the world in 80 buffets/E Coli/Optimist & Pessimist/Algebra/Drinking problems
Colin has his head shaved by Lisa as we collected £100 towards defibrillator
Deans (piano): Distractions

Created by Ed Pope on Oct. 5, 2018, 1:33 p.m.
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