CATWEAZLE Thu 20 Apr 2017

Sam Taplin MC Catherine on door

Sam Taplin read quotes from David Foster Wallace throughout

James Bell & Hannah Bond: (guitar & voice) Mr Brightside (Killers)
Laura Theis: (piano song) Spider in the music room
Rob Sykes: (poem) At Concarneau
Neil Brown: (guitar song) Major Tom (David Bowie)
Dominic: (piano & sax) Somewhere over the rainbow (Arlen & Harburg)
Felicia: (poem) Construction zone
Henry Blyth: piano impro
Valentin: (poem) Iceberg (English/French each line)
Moogieman: (guitar song) Pomegranate
Rip Bulkeley: (poems) 4 haiku
Matt Bradshaw: (guitar song) Mirror of nothing
Raymond Burke: (guitar song) I'm waiting just a little bit longer
Matt Winkworth: (piano songs) Alice (Tom Waits)/Jabberwocky (Lewis Carroll)
Bow by Bow (Alex cello & ? fiddle): tune
Josephine: (guitar song) Heavenly father (Bon Iver)
K1A: (guitar song) Postcards?
Ashley: (spoken) The pain was his now
Eleanor: (poem) for her (cold) housemate
Trevor Williams: (guitar song) The startline
Steve Larkin: (spoken/sung) Kitten
Julian (of Chasing Daylight): (guitar song) Don't feel sorry for me (I can feel sorry for myself)
Bill Frizzell: (spoken) part two of his daughter Nell Frizzell's Oxford memories
Ed Pope: (spoken/sung) part one of LMS occupation saga

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