CATWEAZLE Thu 7 Dec 2017

Steve Larkin MC Kathryn on door

Rory Skyster (songs): Where the blundering cannons roar/As I roved out (broken shells)/Deep blue sea Willy
G-Luv(guitar songs): Appreciate me/Ghetto story
Steve Larkin (poems): System malfunction/Midas touch in reverse
Rochelle (guitar songs): Captive free/Kingdom of heaven
Steve Larkin (poem): NatWest service card
Frances Salter (piano songs): The point of it all (Amanda Palmer)/On being sane in insane places
Owen Collins (poems): Articulate/General Harrison's mathematical garrison/Thirteenth day of Christmas
Steve Larkin (poem): I'm sorry I love you
Chris Wood (poems): Gangster/Looking for girls up west/The lover's mark
Steve Larkin (mandola song): Clown
Ben Champion (piano songs): Compensation/Hotel dilemmas/Password

Created by Ed Pope on Dec. 12, 2017, 7:05 p.m.
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