CATWEAZLE Thu 18 Jan 2018

Faceometer MC Kathryn on door

Andy (guitar song): A life that's good
G Luv (piano song): Magic wand
Henry Blyth (piano): impro
Carl (poems): Cock of the midden/ Wordless
Laura Theis (q-chord song): When you're gone (Cranberries)/(piano song) Masochistic time machine
Phoebe Nicholson (poems): Methuselah/Escapement
Chris Woods (poems): Starting to shave/Letting the girlfriend down again by failing to live up to her unrealistic expectations
Faceometer (guitar songs): Woodsmoke/Summerhouse
Hester (songs) & Poppy Smallwood (guitar songs): I will fly away (trad)/Mykonos (Fleet Foxes)
Ditte Elly (piano song): Easy
Jack: (song) The January man (Dave Goulder)/ blues harp impro
Owen Collins (poems): Tallin unrequited love scrambled eggs/Bread and more at St George's Hall
Rosie Caldecott (poems by Moyra Caldecott): Drifting/Looking at a tree/Piapiac/(guitar song) If we made an effort in the fall
Patti Dale (song) & Faceometer (guitar song): Leopold Alcocks (Jake Thackeray)
Simon (poem): Not safe for work
Leroy Stagger (guitar songs): I want it all/Love versus/Searchlight/There is beauty in this world

Created by Ed Pope on Jan. 23, 2018, 7:23 p.m.
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