CATWEAZLE Thu 25 Jan 2018

Matt Sage MC, Kathryn on door

Rory Skyster (songs): Sally free and easy (trad)/Dark-eyed sailor (trad)
Will Mason: (guitar song) The winter's gone/(piano song) It's the only way
Chris Woods (poem): Shopping for love
Johnny (poems): I have problems/Truth and fiction
Amber (from Nashville) (guitar songs): Rose colored lens eyes/Hop your train
Matt Sage (guitar song) & Ed Pope (song): Speed bump & bushy whiskers/bicycle/potato/Blackpool/Lithuania (Bob Cockburn)
Dervla (poems): Eleven/Put out to sea
Stephen Durkan: (poem) To a mouse (Robbie Burns)/(guitar song) Wild mountain thyme (Robert Tannahill?)
Ed Pope: (poem) The wind's twelve quarters (A.E.Housman)/(balalaika song) Love is like comingAndrew (guitar song): Lady midnight (Leonard Cohen)
Jack (song): Concrete (Manchoir)
Sam (poem): St Kilda (?) road Melbourne
Bill Frizzell (song): Eat yourself fitter (Mark E Smith)
Rob (from Tasmania)(guitar songs): I want to feel the sweat on your palm/I'm sure you know how this one goes
Julian (poems): Am I the only failure here?/Mothers/Perspectives
Alan Buckley (poem): Rain (Don Paterson)
Patti Dale: (poem) Transformation/(song) Buttermilk moon
Andrew Smith (guitar songs): Every quarter of the compass/Me first

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