CATWEAZLE Thu 8 Feb 2018

Sam Taplin MC Kathryn on door

Andrew Smith (guitar songs): The call/Rock pools/Me first
Sam Taplin (story): Badger's happy feeling
Chris Woods (poem): The chemistry of love
Christof (song) & Ulrike (piano): Winterrreise (Schubert)
Ulrike (piano): Ist prelude in C major (J S Bach)
Rick Wade (guitar songs): Quattro/Cornish pirates
Henry Blyth (piano impro)
Matt Bradshaw (guitar songs): Darkness is cheap/Mirror of nothing
Dom Faber (sax, piano): The way you look tonight (Dorothy Fields/Jerome Kern)/East of the sun (Brooks Bowman)
Sophie (dance) & Maria (song):
Steve Larkin (poems): I hate poetry please/Otherfucker
Ed Pope (songs): Where does it lead (Gloria Gwen Davis)/The red flag (Jim Connell)
Rebecca Vince (poems): When I say I miss you this is what I mean/A cacophony of coffee/My father
Alan Buckley (poems): Proof of the soul (Luke Kennard)/The railway children
Jasmine (piano song): I'm sorry for making you cry
Sam Taplin (piano songs): Sea captain's chest/Mrs Henderson's tiger
Luke Keegan: (guitar song) Where your river wants to flow/(piano song) Quiet life/(guitar song) Down to the river

Created by Ed Pope on Feb. 22, 2018, 4:44 p.m.
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