CATWEAZLE Thu 15 Feb 2018

Sam TaplinMC Justine on door

Best of Fools (Rory Skyster guitar songs & Sam fiddle songs): Lowlands away (trad)/Come on up (Harriet Tubman's underground railroad)
Stephen Durkan (poems): Getting mad with it/I sang and they heard and nothing happened so I jumped
James (guitar songs): 8 circle (Bon Iver)/Omission (John Frusciante)
G-Luv (piano songs): Making love/Magic wand
Tishari (poems): Fat hunters/Lost direction
Alex Lezano (guitar songs): Where you going Eddy?/I feel love (Donna Summer)
Dom Faber (sax piano song): The nearness of you (Hoagy Carmichael/Ned Washington)/Blackbird (Paul Macartney)
May (piano songs): Somebody sometimes/She dances to the rhythm of the moon
Paul Jackson (guitar songs): Not what you deserve/You showed me love
Lewis (poems): Normal people don't write love songs/Black sails
Patti Dale (songs)& Nigel (guitar): Lost dog (Sara Jarosz)/I wanna come home (Leslie Arden)
Julian (poems): Jagged rolling hills left behind/Losing my local tongue/Dance in delirium
Henry Blyth (piano impro): Angel of the north
Hester (song): Your baby has gone down the plughole (anon)
Alan Buckley (poems): Oxford Times headlines/Artist's impressions
Bola: Am I wrong?/(piano song) A bowl of rice
Sam Twigg Johnson (quattro songs): Maple seed/don't forget to live before you die

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