CATWEAZLE Thu 8 Mar 2018

Matt Sage MC Justine on door

Clare Lemaster (guitar song):Love in the dark/(poem)The motion of her skin/(guitar song) He came upon her
Jack (mouth harp song): The wife of Usher's well (trad)
Gertie (guitar song): Barbry Allen (trad)
Raymond Burke (hymns & prayers): Hail queen of heaven (John Lingard) & similar
Jenny (reading): her diary age 15
Sam Taplin (songs) & Chris Johnson (guitar): Sea captain's chest/Mr Hyde
Mandy Woods (guitar songs): A mother's love/Satnav girl
Matt Sage (guitar songs): I've named you the queen (Pablo Neruda)/This isn't it
Robot Swans (Matt Bradshaw guitar Laura Theis songs): Thankyou very much for being so easy to give up/So much better than she did
May (guitar songs): Lighten the dark/Running up that hill (Kate Bush)
Chris Woods (poem): Girls to women
Rosie Caldecott: (guitar song) Inside out/(piano song) her grandmother's garden
Will (from California) (songs): Rolling down to old Maui (Stan Rogers)/Barrett's privateers (Stan Rogers)
Luke Keegan (guitar songs): Elephant room/Little dreamer
Patti Dale : (song) Looking at me looking at you/(poem) Standing in the vanguard
Phoebe Nicholson (poems): Flesh/Therapy

Created by Ed Pope on March 11, 2018, 12:57 p.m.
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