CATWEAZLE Thu 29 Mar 2018

Sam Taplin MC Justine on door

Rosie Caldecott (song) Nico (guitar) Jakes (piano) Dom Faber (sax): Gardening song
Rob Sykes (poem): Holy week in the marches
Hillstop Sunset (guitar song): Back to nothing (student debt)
Laura Theis (story): Snow White must die
Limpet Spacerace (Nico & Jakes): song about deportations
Stephen Durkan (poem): Another day at the office
Rory Skyster (guitar song) & August (song): We'll land on the shore
Matt Jones (poems) Ed Bell (piano): Dear Cynthia/Circling the pit (from Paris Lit Up)
Mezane (poem): Residual pain (from Paris Lit Up)
Sam Taplin (poem): Good Friday (John Hegley)
Chad Mason (guitar & Harmonica song): Long way home
Dom Faber (sax) & Sam Taplin (piano): Ain't misbehavin (Fats Waller)
Jack (harmonica song) & Adam (guitar song): Woke up dreaming
Ollie (poems): Boy fragile/Mirror mirror on my bedroom wall
from Nashville, Lee (guitar song) & Liam (piano): Rose coloured lenses
Rip Bulkeley (poems): Mute roses/Betsy's kiss
Ed Pope (balalaika song): Dog at your door
Ashley (story): As I lay dying
Alan Buckley (poem): Clocks
Andrew Smith (guitar song): ..where the secret's kept
Chris Woods (poem): No thankyou very much I don't want to join your book group
Mike (poems): Status quack/A rack of lamb
Poppy Smallwood (song) & Dom Faber (piano): My funny valentine (Richard Rogers/Lorenz Hart)

Created by Ed Pope on March 31, 2018, 5:27 p.m.
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